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Yes ! I am a Bad Mom – Mistakes that All Mothers Do, So Let Go Your Guilt

The moment when a child is born, a mother is born. I may be proud of many things in life but nothing can beat Being a Mother. However, sometimes our best isn’t good enough. In this article I am sharing what made me ready to accept the tag “Yes I am a Bad Mom”.

Yes ! I am a Bad Mom

Almost all moms, even the most attentive and committed moms at some point did some mistake knowingly or unknowingly and felt that they are not good enough.

Honestly I too made few mistakes and racked with guilt. Guilt frequently visits me and I believe a mother’s guilt is forever. ” Here are some examples for which I also feel so.

1. Bottle Feeding : YES I am a Bad Mom

Bottle Feeding : Yes I am a Bad Mom

Bottle Feeding : Yes I am a Bad Mom

Due to my ongoing medication, my doctor suggested me to completely stop breastfeeding as it was hazardous for my kid. He told to change over to alternate methods of providing milk and so I had no choice other than converting to the option of bottle feeding.

Though this started because of my medication, yet somewhere there was a kind of guilt. Every mother knows the pros and cons of bottle feed, but it was like no other go option. Sometimes I feel my motherhood is still incomplete and always have a fear for my little one’s bonding with me.

2. Milk with No Sugar

Not Adding Sugar to Milk : Yes I am a Bad Mom

Not Adding Sugar to Milk : Yes I am a Bad Mom

I never gave my little one sugar added milk just to avoid sugar, though kids are more attracted towards sweet taste of anything. Sometimes I feel it is too early to be so health conscious and doing unfair to the little one.

3. Normal Temperature Milk

Normal Temperature Milk

Normal Temperature Milk : YES I am Bad Mom

Night time bottle feeding is somewhat tedious job. Getting up in midnight warming milk and then feeding. So only offered her normal temp milk since she started bottle feeding.

My baby now habituated with it. In this case I totally agree I am bit selfish and made my little one adapted with usual temp milk. She never demands warm milk and now she is totally comfortable.

4. Use of Soothers : YES I am a Bad Mom

Baby with Soother

Use of Soothers : YES I am a Bad Mom

One of family members suggested that soothers or pacifiers can calm baby to some extent. It can generate a sensation in them that babies are completely safe and secure. Babies can control their feelings for some time. Then what more was needed I started using soother for my baby without thinking about bad side of it.

I started relying too much upon soother to calm my crying baby always. The comfort factor was like double win: A calmer baby means calmer parents. Soother doesn’t soothes babies it actually soothes parents.

All I can say I may not be a supermom but I am trying to be capable and effective mom for my little one.

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