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Where’s Honolulu | Best Weather to Visit | Hotels in Honolulu

Honolulu, the capital and principal port of Hawaii offers miles of stunning beaches from the east and westwards central area of the islands of Oahu. Just 30 minutes away from the city, beach lovers have an array of beaches available. With a range of options from highly developed beaches lined with condos and hotels, such as Waikiki Beach or Ala Moana Beach. And even more beautiful and unspoiled beaches such as Kailua Beach or the beach beneath Diamond Head.

Kahanamoku Beach1

For families with kids, beach lovers, or water sports lovers, all types of tourists, can find the perfect stretch of coastline using our list within the Honolulu region.

  1. Kailua Beach – Honolulu Area

Kailua Beach

A short drive of 30 minutes to Honolulu, Kailua Beach Park provides a wonderful nature-based Hawaiian Beach experience. Three miles are soft, white sand with warm, blue, warm waters. The waves are gentle and suitable for swimming and wading. Moreover, the beach area is a part of a park of 35 acres, that includes basketball, volleyball courts, hiking trails, and other activities for recreation. Kailua Beach has good access to kayakers as well as SUPs (stand-up paddleboards).

  1. Magic Island

Magic Island

This is an artificial peninsula located close to Waikiki situated in between Ala Moana Beach Park and the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. The island was originally designed to be a resort, the whole peninsula is now being used as a park. There’s a beautiful-sized gentle curving beach near the bottom of the peninsula. It’s an small bay that is secured by a man-made reef.

The sand here is smooth and flat while the sea is gentle because of the reef. There’s also a beach that is not protected located on the opposite side of the harbor for yachts, however the waves are generally soft. The inside area of the peninsula offers a vast park that has areas for hiking, barbecuing and even a couple of bathrooms. Beaches are also a popular spot for kayaking and SUPs.

  1. Sandy Beach at Honolulu

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is a wide curving beach in a residential area approximately 40 minutes to downtown Honolulu. Apart from the soft sand beaches, Sandy Beach is a popular spot where food truck parks.

It’s also a well-known surf beach, however the big waves (and massive riptides) which attract surfers cause danger for swimmers. Lifeguards are available and there are a few bathrooms as well as outdoor showers. On the other side of on the shore, you can find picnic areas that have tables.

  1. Waialae Beach – 30 minutes Away From Downtown Honolulu

Waialae Beach

Waialae Beach Park is a small, clean beachfront park situated in the Kahala area, located about 30 minutes away from downtown Honolulu. This beach sand is rough with a rugged shoreline, making a pair of footwear essential to enjoy the waters. There’s a strip of soft, white sand on the upper part of the beach, next to the trees. It is windy and the beach is popular for windsurfers. However, the beach is protected by a reef therefore the waves are quiet.

The waters are warm and clear blue. You can also fish right from the beach. It’s a beautiful view and makes it a very popular location for weddings. Beyond the sand is a lot of picnic spots and green spaces.

  1. Kahanamoku Beach

Kahanamoku Beach

Waikiki Beach might be huge and popular, but it’s an amazing beach. Waikiki is longer than two miles and is comprised of smaller, separate beaches. The widest part is called Kahanamoku Beach (named for Duke Kahanamoku who was the father of surfing). It’s a gorgeous, large, white-sand beach one side, and a five-acre man-made lagoon on other.

The beach is calm and has soft waves, while the lagoon doesn’t have any waves whatsoever, making it perfect for stand-up paddle boarding. The beach is surrounded by the tall palm trees that sway. The beach can get packed, but it’s possible to locate your own place.

  1. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is an idyllic, natural bay formed in an old volcano cone. Here, the attraction is more for the bay than the beach because it’s a very popular snorkeling area. The calm, clear waters and the abundance of marine life makes it feel like the experience of swimming in an aquarium. It’s a protected marine wildlife protection area and an underwater park. Moreover, the beach is large and flat. It is about 30 minutes away from Waikiki. There are many resort hotels provide day trips that include transportation and snorkeling equipment.

  1. Ko Olina – Just 30 minutes Away From Honolulu

Ko Olina

This man-made seaside resort has stunning, well-maintained beach. Mostly the area is full of resorts of different sizes. However, the beach is open to the public and has lifeguards, restrooms as well as outdoor showers. There are many dining options since every resort has several restaurants.

The beach has smooth and bright white sand, with light blue waters. The main lagoon of the beach is vast and smooth with an easy curvature. The surf here is incredibly serene, and it’s an ideal beach for children and families.

The hotel’s Ko Olina Beach Club is located in the middle of the lagoon’s curving. The huge resort features three outdoor pools, range of eating options and on-site spa. There’s also children’s club where adults can take a break. Facilities include outdoor fireplaces and barbecue areas, snack bars, a convenience store and complimentary beach equipment.

  1. Diamond Head Beach Park

Diamond Head Beach Park

This region is well-known for its hiking trails and views. However, the beach lies just in the front of Diamond Head is usually quite serene and deserted. Diamond Head is the ancient volcano (it appears like a mountain) that rises over Waikiki Beach and is located to the end of it. The beach is located just across the top of Waikiki and is just past Kapiolani Park area.

In addition to the views, highlights of this beach include the large waves, loved by surfers, the tidepools along with The Diamond Head Lighthouse. The absence of lifeguards and an insufficient reef make swimming dangerous. There is no lifeguards at the beach. Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head is located at the foot of the mountain, just a few blocks away of the ocean. Each room is having private terraces and some of them have stunning panoramic views over Diamond Head.

  1. Ala Moana Beach Park – Must Visit Place in Honolulu

Ala Moana Beach Park

The beach is popular, located between Waikiki as well as the city zone. It’s popular for the massive shopping mall that is located across this beach. However, it’s actually a gorgeous, rarely crowded hundred-acre beach-park. Another attraction is the incredibly smooth surf , created by a 1,000-foot long protected reef. The area created between the reef and the shoreline into a massive shallow swimming pool, ideal for children of all ages.

It is an extensive, flat beach that has coarse white sand. There are lifeguards, as well as restroom facilities on the beach, and food stands at both ends. The park is home to court for basketball and tennis, and surrounds by a bike/walking route.

The Prince Waikiki is a renowned luxurious resort hotel, situated in across lagoon from Ala Moana Beach, walkable to Ala Moana Center and the Kaka’ako area’s shops and restaurants. The hotel’s amenities include a pool with an amazing view and spa facilities, hot tubs, a sun terrace and entertainment on the premises.

Our vacation is incomplete without cozy and comfy stay. Here are the list of hotels and resorts we made up for you.

Best Hotels and Resorts in Honolulu

  1. Hilton Grand Vacations at Hilton Hawaiian Village
  2. Aston Waikiki Beach Tower
  3. Halekulani Hotel
  4. Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head
  5. The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  9. Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
  10. Sheraton Waikiki

Best Time to visit Honolulu

Few points must be taken in account while exploring a place that is:

Pleasant Weather

Suitable weather, not so cold and rainy or else you will end with packed in hotel room.

Off season

Try to plan your vacation during off season. It should not be holidays or festivals seasons to avoid rush.

Book Accommodation

Last minute booking accommodation will give you additional pressure. It is better to book accommodation of your choice to avoid unavailability of your favorite hotel room.

Book Flight Tickets

This the thing which we know will definitely hamper the plan. That is why it is better to plan and book flight ticket asap to avoid crunch on the budget.

Hawaii is a best destination to visit throughout the year. But best time to visit with good weather from April to October. During this period, you can enjoy showers, surfing swimming, and other water sports. Moreover, the weather is warm year-round, with average highs in the winter of 78-82ºF (26-28ºC) and 83-88ºF (29-31ºC) during summer.

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