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What Books to Read to Find Stability in Most Chaotic Circumstances

Life is something that everyone has to confront, it’s not a bed of roses. The tough times are inevitable, and leave us better, stronger and more content. How do we cope with the challenges? The fast-paced changes that are happening all around us can be tiring and make us feel lost. At some point, we need someone to spend some time with. But who? It is saying that Books are best friends. But again, what books to read? To sort it out, this article come up with seven books. Certainly it will help us to find stability in the most chaotic circumstances to some extent.

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear – Book Praised Widely

Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

This is the first book in the list of “What Books to Read”. The author discusses the possibility of achieving large things with the smallest. Small changes have to be implemented and incorporated into everyday life. Small habits, referred to as “atomic habits” by the author, are believed to be the key to living a better, more fulfilling life. He offers neuro-scientific and psychological explanations in his book that is widely praised by readers.

‘The Monk Who sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who sold His Ferrari

The Monk Who sold His Ferrari

“The best things in life aren’t items.” Haven’t all of us heard this quote? Robin Sharma’s main character is able to see this truth for himself, when his life changed after his heart attack. He leaves his lucrative law practice and travels to India to experience a spiritual awakening that is waiting for him.

‘Many Lives, Many Masters” from the Dr. Brian Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr. Brian Weiss had been a well-known psychotherapist for many years. One day one of his patients remembered everything that happened in her past life, actually helped her to come to terms with her nightmares and anxiety. Moreover, she also revealed details regarding Dr. Weiss’s life that people could not possibly be aware of. After healing her, it wasn’t only her that improved but also Dr. Weiss’s profession and personal life both took a spectacular turn.

‘The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho – Famous Book to Read

The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Santiago is a sheepherder child who lives in Spain. He decides to go to Egypt to find an ancient treasure that is hidden beneath the Pyramids. However, the journey leads him to a different one that brings him to the riches of wisdom as well as the things that really have a bearing on life!

Must include this book in the list of “What Books to Read”.

‘IKIGAI IKIGAI’ by Hector Garcia



A classic best-selling book, Ikigai is worth all the hype around it. A place where the harmony is attained, Ikigai talks about how to identify the one thing in your life that sets everything in order. The purpose of living your existence is unravel it. For more information learn more, read the book!

‘Brida’ by Paulo Coelho – Book Worth to Read



The girl Brida has everything but she is still searching for something deeper. Further, her own exploration will lead her into the realm of the magic. When she discovers, teachers who teach her about The Sun, The Moon and soul and soul mates, she begins to question her present life and the relationships she has with.

‘Your Head is in a Tiger’s Mouth’ by Ramesh Balsekar

Your Head is in a Tiger's Mouth

Your Head is in a Tiger’s Mouth

In response to questions on the subjectivity of consciousness, subjectivity, the God of the universe, and the God The book examines the life of three individuals who seek solutions to their questions.

Reading Improves Brain Function and A person who reads book everyday gets better over time.

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