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Unique Weird and Unusual Restaurants of India

In our boring, regular and hectic schedule, Eating/dining out adds immense delight. Especially when it will be with your loved ones in one of Unique and Unusual Restaurants of India.

Once we plan for eating/dining out, we all begin to decide the place to go for. Things which matters most are the quality of food and the ambience. But nowadays these alone are not enough to pick the right spot. These days the theme of restaurant is also one of the major points to be considered before finalizing the venue.

Breaking the stereotype concept, some people have tried to think and employ innovative ideas. Accordingly, they have presented their places with different themes that definitely grab customer’s attention.

List of Unique Weird and Unusual Restaurants of India

For all foodie, I have come up with a list of few selective unusual, weird and unique eateries in India. Below is the list: –

Chotiwala, Haridwar & Rishikesh

ChotiwalaThe First in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India is Chotiwala. Chotiwala has its own unique presentation of its restaurant. A man with heavy makeup and of course wearing a choti i.e. a ponytail on his head sitting in front gate to greet and represent the exclusive style of restaurant.

Chotiwala is very well-known (in fact most popular) restaurant in Haridwar and Rishikesh. If you google it on net, you may get a number of restaurants with the similar names. However, the original chotiwala is only in rishikesh. The Chotiwala Restaurant, serves Vegetarian Cuisine of India ( Punjabi, North Indian, Marwari Bhoj etc). Due to its delicious food and unique (chotiwala) concept, this restaurant has earned its own reputation. Infact your Haridwar/ Rishikesh trip may seem incomplete without visiting this place.

Khan Chacha, Delhi


All time favorite answer about ‘where to eat in Delhi’ is KHAN CHACHA. That’s why we have placed it as Second in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India. This place always occupies first position in the list. It comprises almost everything i.e. rich taste and look, economical on the pocket and so tummy filling. Though limited sitting area is available, yet people regularly flood in for the food here.

This place is not less than a paradise for non-veg lovers. They just rush in without having a second thought.

Dark Dine Invisible: Dining in the Dark, Bengaluru


The third in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India is Dark Dine Invisible. Breaking the prime rules of a fine dine out, Dark Dine Invisible, a restaurant in Bengaluru, welcomes visitors into pitch dimness. Such a weird concept it has, and somewhat uncomfortable too. But the actual reason for its popularity is something else.

The owner’s point of view is that absence of ambience will surely force guests to focus just on taste, with overtaking all senses. Additionally, it also tests your handiness as you reach for the dinner service in dark.

Kaidi Kitchen, Kolkata


The Fourth in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India is Kaidi Kitchen. An unknown and unseen gem in the Camac Street of Kolkata. The place serves best food in the locality and the environment is too cool.

The restro is  jail themed and the funniest part is that the waiters are dressed as security guards and customers are considered as criminals. Here customers are placed in lockup like cabin which gives the feel of an actual kaidi.

Nature’s Toilet, Ahmedabad


Have you ever really considered having a meal in toilet area, sitting on a toilet seat?? No, never…lol. But for the fact, it is possible now. India has a toilet themed cafe ‘Nature’s Toilet Cafe’ located in Ahmedabad.

The only intension of such a weird  concept is just to spread the message of sanitation and the significance of toilets in our life. For its brave move, we have kept it at fifth place in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India.

Smooch, Chennai


When the word smooch comes, the only thing which flashes in mind at instant is a famous kind of kiss.

Ahaa, how romantic..!!

Here I am talking about a restaurant with such a catchy name in a boring techie lane of Perungudi, Chennai. In its days, it was the much talked about and a very popular hangout for youngsters, certainly due to its attractive name – ‘Smooch’!. Hence, it comes at Sixth place in Our List of Unusual Restaurants of India.

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