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Unforgettable Childhood Memories of Diwali Celebration Close to our Heart

Diwali celebration during our childhood days are really unforgettable. This post will discuss some of those memories that are really close to our heart and is bound to bring smiles on your face. Remember how we all waited eagerly for this grand festival and had made various plans to make it special.

Quick guide about Diwali Celebration

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival celebrated every year in month of October or November. This month has autumn season in the northern hemisphere and spring in southern hemisphere. This festival is considered as an official holiday not only in India but also in Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago etc. Certainly one of the major and most popular festivals of Hinduism. People literally wait whole year for this festival.

It religiously signifies the victory of light over darkness which symbolize as good over evil. The celebration means for glowing millions of lights across the country. Light includes primarily the decorated coloured diya during Diwali Celebration. With changing time and technology lighting is done with colourful tiny bulbs, disco lights, electric candles and many more.

The lighting is done all around temples, inside outside home, buildings in the communities and own office or shops. The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of Diwali Celebration occurs with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu LuniSolar month Kartik. Diwali falls in between mid-October and mid-November.

Some Unforgettable Memories of Diwali Celebration that You too Will Rejoice

With passing time the method of Diwali celebration has also changed. Due to advancement in technology, the world has become more approachable. Most of the things can be done with ease and do not need a tiresome approach for it. Right from shopping for Deepawali (Pooja essentials, new dresses, patakhas, lights, return gifts, sweets) to house cleanship everything is done within fraction of seconds.

It is totally acceptable to some extent but what about the feel and the real enjoyment which we had in our childhood. Though the preparation and arrangement for the Diwali celebration was somewhat a tedious task and of course tiresome, still it occupied a special place both in our mind and heart. Revisiting old memories, here are the list of things which we used to do in our childhood just before Diwali Celebration and made it an unforgettable moments.

Making List of Patakhas During Diwali Celebration



This was the first and foremost thing which all kids used to plan for, that is making list of crackers. Keeping in mind the size and type of patakhas, our parents used to counsel us well ahead of the big day that they will not allow to light it (as it is not safe for kids). Their list were limited to anar, chakri, fooljhari, mirchi etc.

But we all had our different plans for Diwali celebration. By hook or crook, we all tried rockets, hydro bomb, chocolate bomb, aalu bomb and many more. On the top our choice was one and only ‘Murga Chhap’ brand. lol. Really, this brand was like super cop among all other brands.

New Design of Paper Lantern


Paper Lantern

Here comes the next step of Diwali celebration, making of colorful paper lantern. Different design was the main concern while making paper lantern just to avoid the repetition. Idea was to have the best in our Balcony/ Aangan.

Making Small House With Mud



Mud House making for Diwali celebration

Usually girls with all her friends used to collect soil, mud, bricks to make small house in their garden area. Boys were also helping while making small house. It was one of the most interesting tasks for Diwali celebration and needed a lot of effort. It was somewhat like constructing a big building with staircases and all. Competition to have the best house was the main challenge. And if someone got the better one, then secretly planning to put one bomb inside it.

Decorate it with All Items that We Could Manage


Decorated Mud House During Diwali Celebration

Once the small house was built, next thing was to paint it with attractive colors. Thereafter, house was decorated with coloured papers, beads, glittering stones etc. Apart from decorating our home with lights, somehow trying to spare one roll of tiny bulbs to decorate the small house too was really a daunting task. But if managed, it was like owning the best house of all during the celebration of Diwali.

Purchasing Small Kitchen Utensils Made up of Clay


Clay Utensils

During Diwali celebration the small kitchen utensils made of clay were also available. We used to purchase them to keep inside the small house. The whole idea was to set up a full fledged home with all kind of accessories.

Waiting to Eat Sweets in Diwali Celebration


Sweet Distribution During Diwali celebration

Deepawali day was used to be the busiest day. Helping mother and father in hanging lamps inside and outside the home. In evening we kids eagerly wait for the family pooja (Pooja of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh for prosperity and wealth) to start. Once the Pooja was done, we used to run for the prasad and delicious sweets made by mother just 2-3 days before Diwali celebration. Needless to say, those sweets were strictly not allowed to touch before pooja.

Planning Gifts for Our Besties and Waiting for Return Gifts


Gifts During Diwali celebration

Once the festival season started, we used to plan for Deepawali gifts for our friends and relatives. We used to select and purchase different gifts keeping in mind which gift is suitable for whom and also saving the best gift for our best friend. On the other hand, we used to impatiently wait for the return gifts too.

This is how our Diwali celebration was. We enjoyed each and every moment of it. Coming to the kids of new generation, one thing is for sure that they have their own kind of celebrations and definitely they will create their memories in their own way for this festival too. Hope kids of this generation enjoy the festival as we all did.

Happy Diwali to all of you.

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