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Uncommon Tamilnadu Festivals | Tamil Festivals You Don’t Know About

The getsIndia is a home of diversified traditions that travels from the local tribes together with myths and mythologies. It is a world filled with weird rituals and festivals that cannot be explained in general words but attracts travelers from different part of the world. Here We have brought you some Uncommon Tamilnadu Festivals which are still being followed in traditional way for which you will say “Really?’.

Uncommon Festivals of Tamilnadu | Amazing Tamil Festivals

It is just a trial to brief some of the most strange and unusual festivals and rituals of India that can glow a traveler’s curiosity and interest to explore India and also for those who seek out the cultural vision of India.

1. Thaipuism Tamil Festival, Tamil Nadu

Thaipuism Festival

The first in the list of most uncommon festivals of Tamilnadu is Thaipuism Festival. The Thaipuism is a festival of the Hindus especially Tamilians (Tamil Hindus) is completely an unexpected scene of rituals if anyone is experiencing it for the first time. It may result in goosebumps and eyes full at the dedication and devotion of devotees.

Tamil Hindus pierce their bodies with kind of skewers or hooks and celebrate the event while Parvati giving Murugan a Vel (kind of war weapon) to battle with the evil spirit “Soorapadman”.

  • Time of celebration: January-February
  • Place: Palani

2. Jallikattu Tamil Festival, Tamil Nadu


The second in the list of most uncommon festivals of Tamilnadu is Jalikattu. Jallikattu is a game in which the player takes control of the bulls. People from this part practice this sport as a part of Pongal celebration. From the period of 3rd century A.D  this bull event is followed. A kind of Tamil-style bull cuddling follow the only rule i.e “escape or struggle”.

But now due to animal welfare issues, the Supreme Court has banned Jallikattu and bullock cart racing also in Tamil Nadu. People have filed Petitions against the decision and the hearing is going on.

  • Time of celebration: January
  • Place: Palamedu and Alanganallur

3. Thimithi Tamil Festival, Tamil Nadu

Third Uncommon festival of Tamilnadu - Thimithi

The third in the list of most uncommon festivals of Tamilnadu is Thimithi Festival. The Thimithi celebration is an additional festival in India which is celebrated as a firewalking ceremony which is absolutely very odd. The ceremony followed in the name of vow in exchange for blessings from Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava(five brothers from the epic Mahābhārata).

The auspicious occasion followed several scenes and drama groups and also ritual performances which are worth to experience. There is a silver chariot march to honor the victory of Pandavas, just prior to the Thimithi festival.

  • Time of the celebration: October-November
  • Place: Tamil Nadu

4. Aadi Festival, Tamil Nadu

Forth Uncommon festival of Tamilnadu - Aadi Festival

Think once when someone burst a coconut on your head!!!  Yes, at Mahalakshmi Temple, in Karur District of Tamil Nadu, devotees still practice such kind of ceremony. That is why this festival is forth in the list of uncommon festivals of Tamilnadu.

During the British rule, the British made a pact with the locals to break stones on their head in return of the construction of a railway track in nearby temple area. After that people from this part still follow the tradition and celebrate it as a ritual.

  • Time of the celebration: July-August
  • Place: Karur

5. Puberty Ceremony, Tamil Nadu

Fifth Uncommon festival of Tamilnadu - Puberty Ceremony

Here comes the fifth of the uncommon festivals of Tamilnadu. Puberty celebration is one really weird tradition, but do have its own importance. Tamil Nadu is one of the states of India where they celebrate puberty as a big ceremony rather than considering it as a taboo.

Entire family, relatives and friends celebrates the girl’s puberty. The ceremony can be big or small, it all depends upon the family wish and capability as well. Function is considered  a way to receive lots of blessings for future life of the girl (i.e pregnancy and delivery) from friends and relatives .

The girl gets an absolutely healthy and nutritious vegetarian diet post celebration. It includes Ragi (One of the healthiest food), eggs, urad lentils cooked in sesame oil. This diet helps  strengthen the body for pregnancy, childbirth and also for the pelvic bones.

  • Time of the celebration: N/A
  • Place: Tamil Nadu

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