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Transgender Success Stories – Third Gender That’s No More Outcast

Transgender frequently called as eunuchs in English (rather misleadingly). They are in fact male, dress in feminine clothes and usually see themselves as a different gender. This third gender is neither men nor women but, nonetheless, are creature of same almighty God. At the present time, third gender are no longer on back seat. They are not less than any male or female of our society.

In this article I am sharing few successful transgender stories, who got name and fame across the world. By their own capability, they reserve their place in the society and left no reason to be out cast.

Here are some examples which definitely give more optimistic outlook about them:

Kerala’s First Transgender Beauty Contest was a Success

Dhwayah, Transgender Arts and Charitable Society organized first venture that is ‘Queen Of Dhyawah’ 2017. It is a beauty contest in Kerala Kochi, which was something iconic. This beauty contest not only boost their confidence up but also built a platform to voice their opinions too.

Transgender Equality

India’s First Transgender Band, 6 Pack Band

India’s first transgender music outfit created buzz in the country’s music circuit. The band was organized by Shameer Tandon and the outfit comprises six members. The project’s main objective was to change the attitude of the people towards this community, which is misunderstood, ignored and neglected.

Transgender Band

They have been the most attractive entrants into India’s music scene. From not being accepted by their families (this has been the case for most of them) to getting global recognition by winning the coveted Cannes Grand Prix Glass Lion award.

Heart touching Vicks Ad, the Story of Gauri Sawant, a Transgender Woman and Activist

The ad’s story pushes the matter of transgender rights within the country and reveals the humanity side of the issue in just few minutes. The ad was released online on March 31 by medicine company Vicks which tells the true story of Gayatri, a young Indian orphan who was adopted by Gauri Sawant, a 37-year-old transgender woman from Mumbai.

In this ad it is shown that Gayatri recalls her life about how she was adopted by Sawant after her mother demise.

We catch glimpses of Sawant but she is only revealed when Gayatri says, “This is my mom”.

Transgender Equality - Sawant

Kochi Metro Hired Third Gender Employee

Today the impression has changed for the better. When Kerala introduced the Transgender Policy in 2015, things started to look up for members of the transgender community. Kochi Metro became the first government project in India to place transgender people based upon their qualifications. The motive behind this is to give equal opportunities and initiate a change in public opinion towards transgender people.

Third Gender - Road Safety

India’s Third Gender Community Turns Seat Belt Safety Into Video Hit

India’s transgender community members, are now the stars of an entertaining promotion campaign which aimed at influence India’s motorists to buckle up.

The new movement smartly projects them as entertainers who use funniness to circulate lifesaving message.

Transgender Road Safety Campaign

Transgender Makeup Artist

Today transgender have made their mark in different areas, the make-up industry too. Some of them are Jaanmoni Das, Avinash Chetia and Renju.

They are so true to their profession, by virtue of which they have attained such a position and status in this field and society as well.

Make Up Artist TransgenderEqual Opportunities to Third Gender by Andhra Government

Janaki (a member of transgender community) is the first beneficiary of a policy announced by the Chandrababu Naidu government to provide equal opportunity and employment to third gender persons which help them live with dignity and self-respect.

Third Gender Job Opportunity


We all, male, female or any third gender are member of same society. The saddest part, it is our poor society’s problem that it only recognizes and divided into two sexes i.e male or female.

Hardly ever, anyone of our society feels or cares to realize the suffering and pain which the members of Transgender community go through. No one understand the natural feeling of the members of the Transgender community. Our society often mocks and abuses the Transgender community.

In public places like railway stations, bus stands, schools, workplaces, malls, theatres, hospitals, they are treated as untouchables. But we should not forget the fact that the moral failure lies in the society’s refusal to accept different gender identities, a state of mind which we need to change.

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