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Tips to Make Garba/Dandiya More Special – Famous Gujarati Dance Event

Garba / Dandiya is a famous Gujarati event which needs no introduction. Most of us wait for this mega event entire year and plan with available tips to make it more special. Moreover, Now a days, Garba / Dandiya is not just a mere kind of dance form, it has become a passion, a trend and a special mass celebration.

Its not just limited to Gujarat or Brindavan now. Infact, People across the world celebrate this festival with special arrangements for Garba / Dandiya as a prime event. With time, Garba / Dandiya has received such a polarity that without it Navratri seems incomplete.

History behind Garba / Dandiya

Garba or Dandiya is a 9-day festival of Goddess Durga. It is not only a kind of celebration for the victory of good over evil (Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasur) but also to represent and worship the holiness and power of Goddess Durga or Maa Durga/Ambe.

In Gujarat (specially), devotees celebrate the Navratri festival by performing a form of dance called Garba. It is a kind of dance which is basically performed during Navratri/ Dussehra. It is also known as Garbi, Garbha or Garbha Deep. ‘Garbha Deep’, the word ‘Garbha’ a Sanskrit term which means womb and ‘Deep’ means little earthen lamps.

Garba Celebration

Dandiya Celebration

Difference Between Garba and Dandiya

Main difference between Garba and Dandiya is the use of sticks for dancing. In Garba, devotees use their hands and feet to perform the dance steps. Garba is originated from Gujarat. While in Dandiya, devotees use stick and feet to perform the dance steps. Its origination is from Brindavan (UP). The sticks represent the swords of Goddess Durga. Its said that Dandiya was the dance form which was done by Lord Krishna while doing ‘Raas’ or ‘Raasleela’ with  Radha and Gopis.

It is usually performed in circular movements with hands (or sticks) and feet around a big lamp or the statue of Goddess Durga.

Tips for Making You Special in Garba / Dandiya

Being such a special event, it needs  special preparation too. If you are not prepared, then its fun and associated excitement may seem like a food without salt. That’s why we did some research to provide you  handy tips to prepare for this mega event ‘Garba / Dandiya’.


Garba Shopping


A tiresome pre-planning of Garba / Dandiya is a must. Girls/women are normally busy in preparation for Garba / Dandiya. But you have many more things to do. Pooja Preparation, schedule shopping, appointment in beauty salon etc are few things to be given special focus.

Repetition Not Accepted

Chaniya Choli

Chaniya Choli

Even though you have number of chaniya-Cholis, you would love to take new one, some different design, may be the one your friend or sister or cousin owns’. Just to avoid the repetition of same costume. If you do not intend to expend more, you have the choice of taking it on rent too.

Offering of Prayers

Aarti Before Garba

Aarti Before Garba

The event begins with prayers and worship of Goddess. Around 12 pairs of Aarti song is sung by devotees about the beauty and victory of the Goddess Durga. Such an auspicious beginning.

Family/ Friends Get Together

Friends Get Together in Garba

Friends Get Together in Garba

This occasion is special. So, from a busy schedule we can plan to have some fun time to spend with family. Also, There are high chances that you might meet some old friends, view a mass event,  reuniting with a group of friends after months of busy schedules.

Garba and Photoshoot

Photoshoot in Garba


Well.. this is the most important part. Get ready with dance steps and beautify yourself with traditional colorful Chaniya choli, matching jewellery too. Taking photos in different pose or even take selfies with your loved ones. Remember, this is an event whose photos will always give you smile throughout your entire life.

Searching for Best Beauty

Garba Beauties

Garba Beauties

In crowd of beauties, it is very difficult to decide who is the best. Watching boys and girls decorated in traditional attire and moving on Garba beats is a treat for lifetime.

Silent Garba / Dandiya in Between

Silent moves in Garba

Silent Moves in Garba

While performing it, there’s a moment when the music is completely muted, just to enjoy the sound of thousands of people clapping in rhythm. Believe me, You will miss a very good time, if you do not participate.

Hangout and Long Drives with Friends

Hangout with Friends

Hangout with Friends

After a long participation (09 days) of Dandiya, its a time for hangout. Some fun time like long drives with friends post this event.

Love and Love Everywhere

Garba / Dandiya, an event where people meet different people of different age. You never know, may be one of them would be your life partner in future.

Love Partner

Love PartnerAbove are just some tips. You might be having still many more things in your to do list. So, Get ready for the upcoming festival as not much time left.

Happy Navratri,  Garba and Dandiya in Advance with full masti, magic, devotion and love!

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