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The 80s Fashion Trends for Men and Women That are Still Popular

The fashion trends of the 80s hold an exclusive place in fashion for men and women across the world. In a time of no major fashion influencers, and no social media, the 80s was mostly influenced by television and music, making more style icons than any other decade.

The 80's Fashion

“Big,” “bright,” and ‘loud’ are the words used to describe the decade of fashion in the 80s. It also featured eye-straining colors and patterns such as shoulder pads, power suits with dramatic earrings, and acid-washed jeans. The 1980s, the decade of fashion trends you’ll see through our photo gallery featuring famous 80s fashions.

Those were times. Hair was permed and teased to the limit, voluminously cut, and occasionally cut. The makeup was also vibrant with clashing colors as if it was painted. The influence of the 80s has not just shaped the fashion and culture of the decade, but also the fashions that we are wearing today and also that which we will wear in future.

In this piece, I’ll take you back to the past to relive the most gorgeous moments of the 80s fashion. Without further delay, here are the 15 most vivid and inspirational 80s fashion.

1. Power Suits

Power Suits

Power suits from the 1980s are the perfect style to portray powerful business women. It was an era of celebrity and film stars who played role of powerful women.

As a further indication that women were rising up into the top ranks of society, Britain was run by Margaret Thatcher, the country’s first female Prime Minister.

2. Padded Shoulder Dresses

Padded Shoulder Dresses

A subtler vibe of power was communicated through the shoulder dresses from the 80s. These shoulder pads proved to be a viral trend in 1980s.

The most comfortable shoulder pads were paired by vaporous dresses and puffy sleeves that created unique geometric cuts and shapes.

3. Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers were the hottest 1980s fashions that ranged from movie screens to books. This 80’s fashion trends were influenced by then famous and popular personalities, who were promoting fitness and aerobic exercise on television.

Leggings, aerobic clothing, big sweaters, and slim jeans designed for ladies were clothing that need legwarmers.

4. Leather Jackets with Rolled-up Sleeves

Leather Jackets with Rolled-up Sleeves

Fashion from the 80s, Leather jackets with rolled up sleeves were loved by famous musicians. But, the most popular style of leather jackets featured large shoulders, padded shoulders, paired with sleeves folded up.

5. Statement Tees & Slogan T-shirts

Statement Tees & Slogan T-shirts

Following the anti-war movements of the 70s, slogan tees were the weapon for activists. However, statement t-shirts, also known as slogan t-shirts are another 1980s fashion trend that is beautifully demonstrated by Katharine Hamnett’s creations.

The trend of having printed slogans on t-shirts quickly became popular by Pepsi, Nike, Adidas and Guess.

6. Polka Dots Patterns

Polka Dots Patterns

The “polka dots” look was a huge hit on the runways of the 80s. Inspired by the 1940s and 50s fashion, polka dots skirts, dresses and tops came back in the 80s in a furious way.

7. 1980s Animal Prints

1980s Animal Prints

After peaking in the 60s”Animal Prints” were a hit in the fashion of the 80s scene, a style popularized by 80s celebrities. From leggings to bags, skirts and sunglasses, prints were bold and vivid like leopard and tiger, zebra, leopard, and python was the fashion of the moment.

8. Eighties Oversized Eyewear

Eighties Oversized Eyewear

The most fashionable sunglasses of the 1980s featured massive frames, featured mirror or colored lenses. The most well-known 1980s sunglasses frames were large wayfarers as well as Aviators from Rayban.

But depending on your social circle, you may be able to spot Gucci, Cartier, and Vuarnet in huge frames.

9. Leotards & Bodysuits

Leotards & Bodysuits

Leotards, bodysuits were the fitness fashion trends that were popular at the time, worn in the 80s. Women’s love of dancing and exercise by creating fitness videos, showcased the wide array of vibrant colors of bodysuits.

With the help of pop music celebrities the marketing and sale of sportswear in bright colors was a popular trend of the 1980s. What we now call athleisure was once leotards and bodysuits. It was a functional fashion style.

10. Double Denim Craze

Double Denim Craze

Double Denim was a popular look from the eighties particularly vintage Levi’s jackets. The 80s double denim trend is the most perfect illustration of how the power of celebrities has shaped and continues to influence fashion trends of today.

The trend of wearing double-denim jackets with high-waisted jeans continues throughout the 1980s.

11. 80s Stirrup Pants and Leggings

80s Stirrup Pants and Leggings

This type of style was quite comfortable and easy.  The 80s stirrup pants and leggings were among the most popular styles, worn as fitness wear or casual pants. Stirrups are a light metal frame placed on either side of a saddle. Their design was to help assist in riding or mounting.

Stirrup pants are a variation of the idea by using the strap of fabric on the bottom of the foot that holds the pants in position. Due to their design, they were fashionable in the 80s, especially in sports activities like aerobics dance, and ballet. In the late eighties, women used to wear jeans and stirrups paired with large t-shirts, or comfy big sweaters.

12. 1980s Harem Pants

1980s Harem Pants

“Harem Pants” became a hit in the 1980s due to MC Hammer, a look that was quickly adopted by many 80s Hollywood stars. Baggy, long, and with an extremely low drop-crotch that fit to the ankle Harem pants were called the MC Hammer pants.

With psychedelic hues and stunning patterns, Harem pants were a different fashion that made the 80s fashions so unique and distinctive.

13. High-cut Swimsuits with 80s Style

High-cut Swimsuits with 80s Style

The most loved swimming suits of the 1980s were high-cut pieces. This cut was to make the legs appear long, the tucked waist  to create a slimmer look regardless of whether there’s a little some weight on hips or tummy.

14. Acid Washed Jeans

Acid Washed Jeans

In the 80s, acid-washed jeans were the norm. This acid washed, distressed jeans were popular in the mid-to-late 1980s and the early 90s.

Loved by heavy metal and rock bands, 80s-style acid washed jeans were worn with biker jackets and fringe jackets (cowboy/country music-themed leather jackets that had lots of tassels).

15. 1980s Mini Skirts

1980s Mini Skirts

The mini skirt of the 80s, celebrities across the world loved it. The 80s are another decade of mini-skirts and skaters skirts. Miniskirts first came into fashion in 1960s usually paired with boots, usually worn to the gym.

However, the mini-skirt fashion trend reached its peak in the 1980s, paired with legwarmers or leggings.

Know More about The 80s Fashion

What sort of clothing were in fashion in the 80s?

The most popular 1980s clothes for women included legwarmers, power suits and dresses with shoulder padding, spandex and Lycra tights. For males, the 1980s fashion included leather jackets, polo shirts, Oxford shirts and turtlenecks.

In reality, both male and female used linen, velour and corduroy suits, high-waisted acid wash jeans along with animal-prints.

What do I need to wear to an 80s themed party?

The ideal 80s themed costume for a party depends upon the type of outfit you wish to recreate.

In the 1980s there were a variety of styles of fashion. However, the most sought-after were street casual, power office punk, and athletic designs, each with its specific footwear and accessories.

What are the accessories from the 1980s fashion include?

  • scrunchies
  • leg warmers
  • gloves that are not fingerless
  • bangles made of plastic
  • Large earrings with neon shades
  • Mesh accents
  • pearl chains

What are your options for dressing in the 80s style?

The perfect 80s style look is easy to put on. You have to mix with accessories that match the style of the 80s you want to show off.

For instance, if you’re trying to recreate 80s post-punk style all you need is a biker-style jacket, acid-washed jeans, an oversized logo(popular slogan) t-shirt and a pair of black leather booties.

Finish this look by adding important punk accessories including metal bracelets, studs, spikes chains, laces and spikes.


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