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Strawberry Ice-cream Recipe – Beat the Heat with Strawberry Ice-cream

This delicious Strawberry Ice-cream is a healthy alternative to ice cream. It’s made with fruit, is vegan, dairy-free, and contains no sugar or added sugar. It is full of sweet berry taste. It takes a few minutes to make a delicious and healthy dessert using a food processor if you can freeze the fruit before. While you’ll get the greatest taste from fresh berries, should you not have them in your fridge you can use frozen fruit from the grocery store for this recipe. Serve the delicious cream by itself or garnish it with fresh berries to make a refreshing summer treat.

Strawberry Ice-cream

Total Time Taken for Strawberry Ice-cream

 The Prep Time

5 minutes

 Cook Time

1 minute

 Duration Total

6 minutes


4 or 5 to 5 cups

INGREDIENTS for Strawberry Ice-cream

(US CUP = 240ML)

  • 1¼ cup strawberries about 200 grams.


  • 2 cups whipping cream with 35 to 25% fats (chilled)

whipping cream

  • 1 Can condensed milk (392 gms)

Condensed milk

Method of Preparation

  • Step1

Place the strawberries in a wide pan. Cook the strawberries until the water disappears and the mix becomes thick. The consistency is like jam. Let it cool completely and make a    smooth purée along with the condensed milk. Keep the puree aside.

  • Step2

Add the chilled cream to the blender bowl. Blend until it is thick, and check the consistency of the whipping cream. Transfer it back from the bowl and mix with the blended strawberries and condensed milk. Don’t overmix because the cream will begin to deflate.

  • Step3

Transfer the contents to a freezer-safe bowl. Freeze until set. Serve strawberry-flavor ice cream into a bowl and serve.

Nutrition Facts of Strawberry Ice-cream

Nutrition Info

Points to Consider while Making Strawberry Ice-cream

  • Check that the beaters and bowl are chilled prior to whipping the cream.
  • In excess of whipping the cream could result in butter. Keep an eye while whipping the cream
  • You can boil the strawberries until the water evaporates, and then blend. This gives a rich flavor.

The sweet-tart burst of juicy, ripe strawberries infused into the sweet and creamy freezing cream makes a summer treat, unlike the rest. It’s refreshing and light and is like summer served on the spoon. It’s not a surprise that strawberry Ice-cream is the third most loved ice cream flavor.

I hope, you like the recipe, try Strawberry Ice-cream and let me know.

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