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Season Riddles for Kids – Guess, Enjoy and Learn it Easily

Season Riddle for Kids

Four seasons exist throughout the year. They include  summer, rainy, winter, and spring. The seasons bring about dramatic changes in both the weather as well as our surroundings. Summer is hot and winter is cold. Leaves change color from pale yellow in autumn. Flowers bloom in spring and so on. It is very important for kids to know about seasons and difference between them. Here are Season Riddles for kids which they enjoy to guess and learn it easily. 

# No.1 – Season Riddles for Kids

Days are long n nights are short
Whole day feel hot and hot
Lets jump to the pool
Enjoy something cool n cool

                                                 Ans: Summer

#No.2 – Season Riddles for Kids

Look there’s rainbow in the sky
Clouds are moving high n high
Hold umbrella, wear raincoats
Enjoy the season, sail some boats

                                                  Ans: Rainy

#No.3 – Riddles for Kids

Cold days chilling nights
Hot coffee add in your diet
Socks, mittens, scarfs, jackets
Keep everything in your packets

                                                     Ans: Winter

#No.4 – Season Riddles for Kids

Birds are chirping
Flowers are blooming
Catch your kite, where it is going

                                                     Ans: Spring

Kids are fascinated by riddles and figuring out the solutions to riddles. Solving riddles can be a fun method to keep busy and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Some kids aren’t eager to learn, but they love to be creative and create things. It’s true that creating and solving puzzles is entertaining, yet is an effective learning tool that they aren’t aware they’re learning. Hope your Kid enjoys these Season Riddles for Kids.

Keep reading and solving riddles. Every THURSDAY we come up with new Riddles, Brain Teasers, or Puzzles for Kids based upon the learning they need.

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