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Riddle – Use Your Brain, Think and Tell What Am I?

The majority of the puzzles for kids are brief, clear and simple to comprehend and read. This makes it easier for them to take part in reading more. It’s a form of workout for your brain, too. Today’s people are too distracted by their smartphones and tablets. A few are addicted on the web and social media. They are unaware of the world around them. Same goes with kids also. Moreover, due to pandemic all are confined within four walls. In order to help to some extent here are some very simple riddle for kids to solve. They will use their brain, think and tell what it is. 

Riddles can help to sharpen your mind and allow for new thinking processes. Doing daily riddles can aid in reducing thinking time and help improve memory retention, and boost the cognitive abilities. Even the most difficult riddles can be solved when you apply a few basic methods.

Riddle No 1. Cookies

I am round and round ,
My color is dark and brown,
I am crispy in taste,
That is why I am the Best.

 No 2.Strawberry

I am a fruit small and red,
I am sweet and sour in taste,
You can whipp me with shake,
You can serve me with the cake.

Riddle No 3.Grapes

I am green or purple,
You can take one or double,
among all i always shine,
People use me to make wine.

 No 4.Lemon

You can eat me like a fruit,
or squeeze me like a juice,
I have lot of vitamin c,
Buy me when you are free.

Riddle No 5.Ice- cream

I am sweet and bold,
I am in cup or cone/fold,
Eat me in summer or cold
All child or old.

Riddle No 6.Chocolate

I am dark or brown,
I am white like a crown,
My taste is very sweet,
All love though am bad for teeth,

Riddle No 7.Apple

Red or green in color,
Nice in flavor,
Good for healthy or sick,
Don’t forget to pick.

In order to make the world a better place, it is essential for children to be able to discern between what could be harmful and what is necessary. This is a requirement in the first stages of learning and teaching. It was discovered that solving riddles, stories poems, and other forms of entertainment. provide them with the opportunity to learn and think, and improve their skills for today and in the future.

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