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Riddle for Kids – Know About Community Helpers

Community Helpers

Community helpers help the community in its general well-being. These helpers work for people living within the community. They address issues that are encountered in everyday life. So it is very important for kids to know about community helpers. What would be more entertaining to learn through solving Riddle for Kids.  

Riddle for Kids


I work in the kitchen

Cook lot with chicken,

I use many bowls, pots and pans

My creation never go in-vain.

                               Ans: Chef

Riddle for Kids



I treat people when they are sick,

Even they are strong or they are weak,

I do my job with love and care

Visit me in need, even u r far or u r near

                                          Ans: Doctor

Riddle for Kids


I stich clothes to wear,

Sometimes daily sometimes rare.

I put new fashion, new designs

Dress up when it is fine.

                            Ans: Tailor

Puzzle for Kids



I am very close to nature,

Meeting with types of creatures,

I beautify your house and garden,

I work nicely without bargain.

                  Ans: Gardener

Riddle for Kids



I enforce law and arrest criminals,

Follow rules and regulations,

Call me in dark or in light

We are on duty day or night

                                    Ans: Policeman


Puzzle for Kids

Garbage Collector


I collect garbage and put it into bin,

To keep surroundings neat and clean.

Don’t throw trash here and there

Cleanliness should be everywhere.

                      Ans: Garbage Collector


Riddle for Kids

Traffic Police


One who checks traffic rules,

Without any safety tools,

 Protect you from accident,

Any mishap any incident

                              Ans: Traffic Police



The best method of discussing about the community helpers is through weaving riddles about their roles and describe each person, and then play together  There are a variety of ways to engage in a meaningful discussion about the different volunteers and their roles within the community.

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