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9 Reasons Why I Want Owning Less – Be Minimalistic for More Happiness

There are various reasons and benefits for owning less, people choose to live a simple life. Sometimes, it’s forced on them due to job loss, low income, or even a relationship that has broken down. Many people choose to live the life they do because of plenty of reasons.

Owning Less

By the grace of God that’s not my story.  In fact, I deliberately made the decision to live with less. It was a choice that I made a year ago, when I was tired of packing, carrying, and then unpacking. Apart from occupying space, unused physical items are just like an extra burden. So finally, I decided to possess less, rather than own more.

What is the reason I chose to live a simple life?

I lead a simple life since I prefer to own fewer items. In addition, I love simple living, and I truly appreciate it.

Here are My Reasons for Owning Less

  1. Owning Less – More Money More Savings.

I’ve always lived with enough money to cover some, but not too much. Therefore, financial considerations always played a major factor in my decision-making. Leading a simple life made it easy to save more for my family and me. It’s actually a good thing.

  1. Fewer Items Fewer Work To Do.

Less Chores

It is very simple, if you have fewer items then there are fewer chores to do. Therefore, when I return home, I spend time with my family. Living in a small and less crowded space. means fewer chores at home needs. In addition, it is not taking up my evenings, and every weekend

  1. More Free Time More Creative.

Spend time With Family

Happy with fewer means shopping less, shopping less means more free time. It helped me to learn more creative activities like art and craft, cooking lesion, etc. After all, free time offers more possibilities, and possibilities for my life.

  1. Better Example for My Kids.

Parents are example for kids

Living a simple life, taught my children to be non-materialistic kids. Happiness doesn’t come from things. Moreover, it built a feeling into their character which will definitely help them in life ahead.

  1. Improved Relationships with Others.

More Friends

Being a minimalist has given me an opportunity to become an improved friend. However, it does give space in the life of someone to be this.

  1. Owning Less – Less Comparison Less Worry.

There’s no pleasure in comparisons. In fact, most of the comparisons that we make are based on things that are material. It’s quite sad that those possessions aren’t supposed to impress us. However, when I decide to own less, I also make the decision not to compare my possessions to others.

  1. More Opportunities to Contribute.

Help Poor

I’m not sure if we’re living our lives for ourselves or we’re living for the sake of others. Although I know there’s a right time for both, I believe most people spend all of their time in pursuit of selfish living. In the same way, I reject the naive idea of constantly wanting ever more for myself. So, I am free to contribute to others.

  1. Owning Very Less but Quality.

If I purchase fewer items, I will have less clutter. Moreover, I am open to the possibility of having more luxurious and quality items. This benefit of minimalism is a surprise to me. I started concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

  1. More Appreciation for the Things I Do Own.

Sometimes, the best method to be more satisfied in life is to take time to appreciate the things that are already in our lives. It’s difficult to appreciate what you already have when you’re thinking about what you do not. When I choose to own less, I gain an appreciation for the things that I am able to keep.


About Ratna Mishra

I have work experience in the IBM Mainframe IT industry. I am also an active Web Designer and Animation Head. Plus, I am a mamma, passionate about living a purposeful and happy life. I love to pour my views on Lifestyle and Parenting.

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