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Pregnancy Pillow – What is it, Benefits, Types, How to choose Right One


Pregnancy is both an exciting and challenging time for any mother-to-be. These nine months need a focus and dedication from the mother. As the child requires nutrition to grow and nourished for birth, mother must ensure her baby protection from external injury too. Therefore, it is crucial for the expecting mother to be safe and feel at ease. In addition to that, sleep position of expecting mother also very important. Usually, mattresses are not comfortable for them. So, pregnancy pillow is very useful.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?


A maternity or pregnancy pillow is one specifically designed to accommodate the curves and contours of the body throughout pregnancy. They give support to different sleeping positions. A maternity pillow can make the sleep experience much more relaxing during pregnancy. It can be beneficial in the last phases of pregnancy, as sleeping in a normal position can be a challenge.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillow

The primary advantage of a pregnancy pillow is the fact that it helps the mother to sleep better, by providing assistance to her body. Below are some additional benefits of using pillows for pregnancy:

Eliminates Discomforts and Body Aches

As body weight is increased during pregnancy, stress and strain on the hips, back and legs. A pregnancy pillow will give support and comfort to the body parts. It provides to get the proper amount of rest.

Improves Blood Circulation

The cushioning property of pregnancy pillow, women can lie comfortably sideways, easing back which improves blood flow throughout the body.

More relaxed, better longer sleep time

Good rest is essential to have a healthy pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow allows to rest longer and longer.

Effective after birth

A maternity pillow can be helpful for the new born baby too. It will assist to place the baby in proper position while breastfeeding. Moreover, it will also help baby to develop the ability to latch correctly.

When Can You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no set date to begin using the pregnancy pillow. However, one should make use of it whenever she experiences discomfort while changing positions in sleep.

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillow

There are a variety of pillows designed for pregnancy that are available in various sizes and shapes. Each pregnancy is unique and so are the difficulties that come with it. The type of pillow one needs will vary. Following are the types of pillows that are available for pregnant women:

1.Wedge Pillow for Pregnant Women:

Wedge Pillow
Wedge Pillow

This pillow is also referred to as a maternity pillow, is the smallest of pillows for pregnant women available. The pillow is utilized during or after pregnancy. A round wedge pillow as well as triangular wedge pillows are two kinds of pregnancy wedge pillows that are available.

2.Full-length Pregnancy Pillow:

Full-length Pregnancy Pillow
Full-length Pregnancy Pillow

These pregnancy pillows are large and offer a cushion for the whole body. These pillows provide support to legs and arms and also support the tummy. While this kind of pillow is ideal to be hugged and embraced however, it is not able to offer a substantial amount of support for the back. Straight full-length pregnancy pillows as well as flexible pregnancy pillows of full length are two kinds of pillows for pregnant women.

3.The total body Pregnancy Pillow:

The total body Pregnancy Pillow
The total body Pregnancy Pillow

It is best utilized during the second trimester since it gives a tremendous amount of support to the spine, and can help reduce back and hip pain.

There are two kinds of pillows that are total body:

The C Pillow

The C pillow
The C pillow

The pillow is designed to look like an alphabet C and offers support for the stomach, head legs, and back.

U-shaped Pillow

U-shaped Pillow
U-shaped Pillow

The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is ideal for those who would rather sleep on their backs, but are unable to lie down at a higher level due to the increased belly size. It provides support to all of the physique, including stomach and back.

The pregnancy sleep pillow is a practical and helpful accessory for women who suffer from back and body discomforts, which makes getting the best night’s sleep can be difficult.

How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Pillow

The right pregnancy pillow should be chosen only after you’ve identified your needs. Here are the factors you must consider prior to purchasing the pregnancy pillow.

1.The pillow’s cover can be taken off to be changed or washed

The use of a pillow cover that is removable allows you to keep your pillows clean and ensure hygiene.

2.Find the filling inside the pillows:

The material used to fill the pillow can influence the quality and comfort of your rest. Here are some of the types of fillings that can be found with a pillow

Filling with polyester fiber

One of the most well-known fillings to use in pillows Polyester fibre is a soft material and provides great support for the body. The level of the firmness of the pillow may be modified by changing the amount of filling made from fibre. Although it’s a versatile and effective material, it can retain heat and hold bacteria and dust. It’s not recommended for people with allergies to dust. It is a limited life span because it is able to last for around two years.

Styrofoam filling

More affordable than other kinds pillow, Styrofoam balls can be described as tiny white ball which are filled into bean bags. Pillows made of these materials are lightweight and full of air. However, they are not recommended for prolonged rest.

Filling with microbeads

These are tiny soft balls that look like sand inside the pillow. Soft and smooth, they can be moved around pillows with ease and speed.

Memory foam pillows

They are firm and follow shapes of the body as you sleep on. They are a good way to support the body and can help ease soreness and discomfort.

Buckwheat pillows

These pillows are made of buckwheat hulls and are then stuffed into cotton bags. The pillows are made from organic materials and less prone to allergy and heat build-up. They are durable and can last for longer than 10 years.

The pillow for therapeutic use

The expert highly recommends this pillow for women who are pregnant. The pillow is comprised of water that is contained within the polyester pouch. This structure provides great support for the head and assists when there is neck pain.

Pillows filled with organic material

Organic pillows are made of natural materials such as bamboo, wool fibre, kapok, and fiber. These pillows are green and are free of chemical, and are suitable for women with an allergy to dust. The downside of natural pillows is that they’re not easily cleaned and will lose its original form after a single use.

3.The size of pillow

A larger pillow will take up more of the bed space and be more difficult to carry. A larger pillow is best for those who have to move their heads while they sleep.

4.Sound and smell on the mattress

Some pregnancy pillows produce an unsettling noise when you move on them. Pillows filled with Styrofoam ought to be avoided if an incredibly light sleeper because they can make noise. Additionally, pillows that aren’t organic can smell like chemicals. It is important to consider these two aspects because they can be affecting you on a daily day basis.

5.The level of softness of the pillow

More firm pillows are more beneficial in terms of providing support for the head and the body.

6.Hypoallergenic pillows

It is important to prevent allergies during pregnancy and these pillows can help.

7.Pillows that be able to match the body type and sleep position

The choice of a pregnancy pillow depends on the kind of your body, and the preferred position for sleeping. Below are a few body types and sleeping positions that can be paired with the best pillow selection:

Pillows for Larger Women

C-shaped pillows are ideal for women who are larger than average. The shape of the pillow allows women to comfortably fit into.

Women who are Petite

Total petite body pillows are great for petite women.

Pillows for those who Sleep on their Side

There are many different kinds of pillows that are suitable for people who sleep on their sides.

Pillows for those who Sleep on their Backs

While it is recommended not to lie on your back, if you do, utilize the snoogle pregnancy cushion. It is an excellent pregnancy pillow to choose.

Pillows for those who Prefer Sleeping on Stomachs

A shredded memory foam or bamboo pillows are the best choice for people who enjoy sleeping on their stomachs.

Pillows for those Women Having Twins

The U-shaped pillow is the ideal type of pillow for women who are pregnant with twins. As the stomach is bigger, a more spacious pillow can provide better support.

The right pregnancy pillow can be difficult sometimes because it requires careful consideration of several variables. After you have used a pillow, when you are uncomfortable it is best to stop the use immediately.

While a pillow can appear small in the scope of things for a woman who is pregnant but it’s an essential item that will give greater ease. Most importantly pregnancy pillow ensures the mom-to-be can sleep comfortably and is crucial for the wellbeing of both the baby and mother.

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