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My Reasons to Have a Single Child -Is It Ok to Have Only Child & Be Happy

Is it ok to have a Single Child! Will people call me selfish if I have an only child! Will it be a good decision?? Such questions are common in modern time parents. And why should not we discuss it!! This is the most important decision of your life. Think Wisely and decide. Here, I am sharing my opinions on why I am happy being a single-child mother and Why I do not think about more than being an only child.

Single Child Family1

Why I felt to Discuss the Single Child (or Only Child)

This morning when I got up, full busy, prepared tea for the two of us, made milk for my daughter, and then rushed to the kitchen for preparing breakfast, packing lunch, etc.

While having breakfast my daughter demanded one thing. Innocently she told mamma I want a little brother. To make sure I asked, “what you said come again”. Again, she said the same thing. Then I asked “Why do you say all of a sudden, anything wrong?” She said that she want someone to play with, She felt alone completely.


I was totally blank for one sec, but somehow got my senses back and thought to explain her properly. I explained like Why do you want anyone if we are enough for you. We can play, we can enjoy, we can share, etc. Still if you want then be ready to babysit and share your room, toys, and mama papa with him. I asked are you ok with it? Then she said No. I am all ok with everything I don’t want anyone else.

Believe me, my intention was not to put negativity about having siblings. We know the importance of siblings in our life. I am also from a family having three children and my husband also has two brothers. I can understand the value of family and siblings. But my case is different. Having a second child is not my cup of tea. Let me go into detail.

I am an MS patient with an autoimmune disease. It is incurable but yes, we can control the symptoms with medicine. So, for planning a child I need to stop medicine for 7-8 months prior to pregnancy, thereafter whole nine months period, and till feeding is done after baby birth.

This whole process is a big challenge for both of us. As once everything is over, the chances of getting relapses are high which I already faced with my first child. And health will definitely deteriorate a bit.

So, my concern is to pour my opinion of having a single child is perfectly ok, at least in my case. And once you decide to go for something you will start noticing the bright side of it.

Here I want to share some of my views on whether having a single child is actually a good decision or not:

1. Medical Condition

Expecting Mother

It is the first and foremost reason for me stepping back for Second Child. In my case, my body condition was not allowing me to go for it. In fact, it should be the prime factor for every lady to make sure if they are ready for it. After all, they have to carry the young one, it’s their body. So, their consent is very much important.

2. Single Child and Parents Close Bonds

Single Child Parents Bond

Being a single child, for everything, they will look for us. Let it be playing, eating, watching movies, and sharing secrets if any. Spending time with kids will build a strong bond between both of them.

3. Monetary Point of View

Kids Play Football. Child At Soccer Field.

Nowadays, the cost of living is becoming too high day by day. Giving quality education, sports, music, art classes, and many more things are there to bear. So, having a single child is a bit easy for parents to cope with.  Some parents are willingly opting for a single child.

4. Single Child’s Point of View

Single Child Enjoys Alone1

He/she can deal with being alone as they are so used to it. They learn to rely on themselves and be their own best friend. Moreover, as they have no older siblings to stick up for them, they can take a stand for them.

5. Parents’ Point of View

Parents and Child Enjoying

The child will get all of the attention. For parents you always come first, they don’t have to split time. In addition, there is no one else to compare with. A single child is the only one whom parents can understand in a better way. And the result is the child is always the favorite one.

6. Sharing is Caring – for Single Child

Single Child Sharing

People think single children are very much self-conscious, selfish, self-centered, etc. They don’t know to share and care as they were brought up single. But this is not the truth. These things come from the family atmosphere. Parents are real role models for them. Every bit they will learn from them.  In fact, a single child is probably better at sharing and caring comparatively. They get relations among friends which become very precious for them. So, sharing and caring is the best way to get it.

Single Child Caring nature

7. Comfortable Talking to Adults

Single Child Enjoying with Grandparents

A single child growing up around only two adults(mother and father).  So, they will feel quite comfortable while talking to their cousins, grandparents, uncles-aunts, etc which is very beneficial for their future too. From the beginning, they start enjoying the family unions because they find companions at that time. This also ensures that the kid understands the importance of relations from the start itself.

Single Child Enjoying with Friends

Author’s Conclusion about Single Child:

For every coin, there are two sides one is bright and one dark. Which is best suitable for you, that you have to decide. Once you decide just stick to it and never turn back to review your decision. Just think, what was best for me at that particular moment when I chose it.


About Ratna Mishra

I have work experience in the IBM Mainframe IT industry. I am also an active Web Designer and Animation Head. Plus, I am a mamma, passionate about living a purposeful and happy life. I love to pour my views on Lifestyle and Parenting.

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