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Most Recent 7 Best Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu/Hindi – Love to Watch

Are you looking for a fresh perspective? If so, then you should watch these 7 Best Turkish Dramas available in Urdu/Hindi. One of the main reasons for Turkish Drama popularity is the massive cultural similarities that add to the satisfaction of viewers. Moreover, they are able to relate to all of the characters which is in contrast to the European/American series which is in no way connected to our culture and traditions. Additionally, they are incredibly popular among audiences due to their powerful plots that evoke the universal sentiments of love, family and faith.

Here is a list of the most recent 7 Best Turkish Dramas dubbed in Urdu/Hindi that you should watch!

  1. Pyar Lafzon me Kaha – A Romantic Turkish Drama

Pyar Lafzon me Kaha

Pyar Lafzon me Kaha is a romantic Turkish Dramas and the lead actor was everyone’s most loved Burak Deniz who played the character of Murat. Hande Ercel played the role of lead actress, Hayat. Hayat got offer for a job as secretary for Murat which is the point at which their romance story begins.

The relationship of Burak Deniz as well as Hande Ercel is amazing. Burak Deniz (Murat) looks extremely elegant in his role as owner of a multinational business. Hande Ercel (Hayat) is also stunning.

  1. Cennet – Touching Turkish Drama


Cennet is a touching as well as romantic Turkish television Drama. Berk Atan, and the actress Almila Ada play the principal characters of the show. Almila Ada is an active girl who works for an organization where she has the opportunity to meet Berk Atan.

Her mother abandoned her when she was a child. The mother was owner of the company where girl was working. The girl got to know about this one day. The plot unfolds you’d love to be a part of.

  1. Ishq


Ishq is a Love triangular Turkish Dramas that is dubbed into the Urdu Language. The Cast of Turkish Drama Ishq includes stunning Hazel Kaya as Azra, Asli Tandogan as Shabnum, as well as Hakan Kurtas in the role of Kareem.

Azra and Kerem are couple. Azra was tennis teacher of Sebnem(rich girl). One day Sebnem  meets Kerem, and fell in love with him. However, Sebnem doesn’t know about their relationship. Sebnem has cancer, and she will die soon. Azra convinced Kerem to get in a relationship with Sebnem. Later she got jealous of them.

  1. Hamari Kahani – Interesting Turkish Drama

Hamari Kahani

Hamari Kahani is another interesting new Turkish Drama in Urdu casting an actor and actress who is well-known in the lead roles. Hazal Kaya is the main actress in Hamari Kahani. Many of us know Hazal Kaya for her role as Fariha from the Urdu translated into Turkish Film Fariha. Burak Deniz is the main character on Hamari Kahani. Burak Deniz also was the character Murat as Murat in Payar Lafzon me Kaha another fascinating Turkish Series.

Hamari Kahani is the story of one young girl Naina (Hazal Kaya) fighting to live with six siblings. She is the oldest. Her father is addicted to alcohol. Basit (Burak Deniz) an unknown person comes into Naina’s life.

  1. Emergency Pyar

Emergency Pyar

Emergency Pyar is an enchanting Turkish Dramas that is built around an love tale between two medical professionals. It tells the story of the cute, playful, and heartbreaking physician Naina (Duygu Yetis) who serves as the aid to Doctor Sinan (Serhat Teoman).

It’s a sweet love story about two medical professionals who have been taking care of patients’ lives in the hospital, and gradually fall in the love of their lives.

  1. Sunehri Titliyan Turkish Drama – Tale of three Girls

Sunehri Titliyan

Sunehri Titliyan is based on the tale of three girls and their gorgeous mother. Nazli, Pari, and Selin are three sisters. Nazli as well as Selin are twins and Pari is their daughter. Hande Ercel aka Hayat from “Pyar lafzon me Kaha” was the character Selin. Ali (Tolga Saritas) and Savas (Berk Atan) played the lead roles in the drama, in opposition to Selin as well as Nazli.

Sunehri Titliyan is full of excitement and a myriad of Turing points, with a hint of romance.

  1. Jeenay Ki Wajah

Jeenay Ki Wajah

Jeenay Ki Wajah is a Turkish Drama featuring famous Turkish actress Esra Bilgic Aka Halima in the lead role. Following the success of the dramatic serial Ertugrul Ghazi another drama serial by Esra Bilgic is Jeenay Wajah is also dubbed into Urdu. This Turkish Drama follows the story of a female (Esra Bilgic) who loses her husband and her child during an accident, but she is always convinced that her child is still alive. The kid is very close to her, but it takes many to discover the truth.

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