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Iced Coffee – What is Iced Coffee, Its Types, Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew

only one sip to make you feel the appeal of cold brew and its benefits too. Delicious, fresh and extremely smooth coffee in a drinkable bottle. How refreshing is cool Coffee in summer? Maybe we prefer the chilled drinks throughout the year. (Yes, We do!) Here we will discuss whereabout of the finest Iced coffee drinks, that you can’t resist to sip.

What Iced Coffee is?

It is a coffee beverage that is served cold. Its preparation involves, brewing coffee in usual manner and serving it with ice or in cold milk or by making espresso cold.

Types of Iced coffee

Ice Coffee

A cup of coffee with ice, usually served with a splash of cream, milk or sweetener. It really is as easy as that.

Iced Espresso

Similar to an iced coffee, a splash of cream, milk, or sweetener used to serve this type of beverage. It is also possible to ice specialty espresso-based drinks such as americanos mochas, macchiatos, mochas lattes, flat whites and mochas.

Cold Brew

It is the most trendy from the iced-coffee gang. However, Cold brew coffees are created from steeping beans of coffee for 6 to 36 hours, depending on how strong want your cold brew to be. After the beans have finished making their way through the steeping process, you can add cold cream or milk.


Starbucks made Iced Coffee drink famous. The Frappuccino is a cool beverage, blend with ice then served with syrup and whipped cream. However, there are many variations of the drink. Frappes are created identically. Keep an eye out for alternatives that are caffeine-free. If you’re not into that kind of thing.


A cold brew plus nitrogen bubbles makes the cold brew coffee has an icy, Guinness-like consistency. However, one can pour via a nitro tap, too.


Mazagran is a mixture between iced tea, iced coffee and your favorite cocktail made of rum. It usually consists of lemon, espresso, sugar, and (sometimes) the rum.

Difference between Iced coffee and Cold Brew

Iced vs Cold Brew

credit: Starbucks

The chilled cousins are distinct than you’d imagine. Moreover, Cold Brew is made without heating and produces less acidity, resulting in a more smooth and naturally sweet flavor. Ice Coffee can be brewed twice in strength and then chilled, which produces a fresh, light body. It is usually served with a sweetener, and often with milk. We suggest you to try and comment which one you liked the most. 

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