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What is a Gender Equality Definition to Women I Is it Only Applied for Men

Whenever Gender Equality is discussed, it is assumed that it’s just about women’s rights and a lot has to be done for them. Yes, it’s true. But sadly, we use it as a tool to escape our responsibilities.

What is a Gender Equality Definition

Gender equality is when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. UNICEF says gender equality “means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections.

Gender Equality has impact on everyone’s life – women, men, trans and gender diverse people, children and also families. It impacts people of all ages and backgrounds.

Gender Equality

Is Gender Equality Only for Men | Women’s Part in Gender Equality

Gender Equality is a concern even now. We have become smart enough to claim our rights. But do these rights come without responsibilities. Well.. the answer is ‘NO’. How many actually raise the issue about the rights of men? Fighting for women’s rights does not mean that a man’s contribution can be neglected.

If we as a female want equal rights, we should also ensure that our responsibilities are also merged.  Here I have some valid points through which we will try to understand that A Woman has to play her part as well if she is getting all fair chances through Gender Equality.

  1. Equal contribution

Equal contribution in money management. Both men and women are equally responsible for money plans. It’s unfair to depend on a single person completely, expecting everything from your boyfriend or husband. Right from paying restaurants bills to running a family, everything is of your concern too. It is not easy to manage everything alone. So we gals should share responsibility and help our counterpart by earning money or something else that improves our standard of living.

  1. Capability Parameter

Everywhere it is considered women are weak, they have low strength than men. Biologically i agree with this but I wonder which parameter is used to measure the capability level of man and woman and to declare that a woman cannot do this? This is not a reality anymore. In today’s world, this scenario is slowly becoming nonexistent with gender Equality. We all are getting equal preferences in Job. Then why to sit idle.

  1. Why Extra Preferences

If all men and women getting equal pay for equal work then what is the use of extra preferences. Why there is separate ladies quota in train ticket booking? Why separate ladies seat in public transport? Separate queue for ladies. If these all are for safety or an outcome of respect for women, then its all fair providing these privilege. However, if it is like a reservation, then it is totally unfair. Both men and women are equal in every aspect.

  1. Stop Misusing Rights

Our Indian government implemented some strict laws and rights for woman welfare to ensure Gender Equality but now the situation is something else. Sometimes these rights are getting misused too, let it be case of dowry, let it be case of sexual harassments. A study on these cases says that almost 75% of charges of such acts are fake. Blindly believing man as culprit always is a false perception which we all need to change.

Gender Equality Data

Author’s Point

This is just a trial to think in broader way and take equality to another level. I have tried to put my thoughts based on multiple researches in this field. It should not be taken as an act of disgrace to women.

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