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Garam Masala Recipe – Ingredients and Instructions to Make Garam Masala

Garam Masala Recipe : Here in this article we mention step wise process to prepare pure and authentic garam masala which is easily adaptable to your preferences. Garam masala is an ancient spice mix that is used to flavor Indian cooking. It is not just flavorful and enhances the flavor of your Indian cuisine, but it can also provide you with a variety of health benefits.

What exactly is Garam Masala?


Garam Masala

Garam Masala Powder

The word “garam” in Hindi is a reference to warm or hot. ‘Masala refers to a mix of spices’. Garam masala refers to the combination of warm spice. It’s a magical blend that warms the body and helps to detoxify it, and balancing your entire body.

Just a tiny amount of garam masala to the meals you prepare every day will make a significant change. It completely enhances the flavor and tastes and gives an abundance of vitality to your dishes. Dishes like Chicken curry, Aloo Gobi, Butter chicken, Chole and many more.

Garam masala: Important Steps to follow?

Step1: Select Right Spices

Selecting the right spices that suit your body’s needs and tastes is very important. It is also important to avoid eating very spicy or hot foods. Moreover, in long term, they can be harmful for digestion and may cause dehydration. This garam masala is a balanced dish that tastes delicious. It’s not overly spicy and not overly acidic.

Step2: Clean the Spices

Cleansing the spices thoroughly is important for hygiene, even if you’re using organic spices. Actually, organic spices are more susceptible to bacterial infestations, and they are not chemically treated in a way that meets organic food safety standards.

Step3: Roast the Spices

The process of roasting or drying them in the sun will bring out the aroma of essential oils contained in the spices. Make sure to roast them at an extremely low temperature so that they keep the flavor.

Garam Masala: What are the ingredients?

Green Cardamoms

Green Cardamoms


Green Cardamoms are one of the most fragrant ingredients that is used in this spicing powder. I prefer the organic green cardamoms because the lighter ones aren’t as scented. I prefer to use the entire pods. Also, you can remove any seeds in the pods and then use the seeds.




Cinnamon: The primary spice cinnamon is available in two varieties. The real cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is the best one to use , and not cassia , which is harmful to our overall health. Use Google search to find more information.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds, also known as saunf can be a substitute ingredient. Along with being aromatic, it also neutralizes the spicy and pungent flavor of other spices.

Star Anise

Star Anise


Star Anise also known as biryani flower is a spice which completely improves the taste of garam masala. It enhances the sweetness of your food without sweetening your food. It also prevents indigestion. is great for use in heavier dishes.




Mace is also known as javithri. The use of 3 mace strands for this recipe will make the powder a little strong in flavor. It’s up to you which one you prefer. Mace is a flower that has numerous petals or strands. It is recommended to use only three petals.

Black cardamoms

Black cardamoms

Black cardamoms are a spice that isn’t utilized by a lot of people. It’s very strong as well as strong, with a distinct scent. It’s best to stay clear of it if it doesn’t like the taste.

Garam Masala: How to Clean Spices?

  1. Debris and stones have to be separated from the spices before they are picked up.
  2. We usually crush a handfuls of coriander seeds in order to determine whether there are worms in. Many times, we find them in an area that is cold.
  3. Open the nutmeg, and look for any worms. Sometimes, the nutmeg will turn to a dark brown after being eaten by the worms.
  4. To ensure hygiene, cinnamon needs need to be taken care of.It may be contaminated by a variety of fungi, larvae or infestations within the inner areas. When they grow, they transform in spirals (swirls) with multiple layers. They are difficult to discern the inside.

The most common method is to break off the swirls or curving parts and then wipe the  interior using a damp or dry cloth.

  1. Bay leaf may also have some traces of mud or larvae in the leaf.Clean it off using a dry or damp cloths or kitchen tissue.

Garam Masala: How to Make Garam Masala?

1.Clean all spice mixtures as described above.

  1. The spices are dried roasted one after another in the bottom of a heavy pan until they become fragrant. Transfer the spices to a plate and allow them to cool. Alternately, you can put the spices over a heavy cloth or multi-layered one and dry for the day, best in the scorching sun.

3.Cool them completely.

4.Add all the spices you want to add to an jar and mix to create the powder into a fine. Sieve, and then grind the fine particles once more. Repeat the sieve, and finally place the coarse particles aside to mix into the tea powder.

5.Store garam masalas in a glass container.

Garam Masala: How to mix spices quickly?

It may be that, this isn’t the most efficient method to mix the spices but I really like this method of speeding it up. Roast the spice mixture dry, then cool them.

Cool their frozen contents for one or 2 hours. Transfer them to the blender and blend it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the powder will be completed.

The color of garam masala powder may be slightly different in accordance with the type and the quality of spices that are used. The sieved powder is created from two batches.

Garam Masala: How to use Garam Masala in your meals?

Just the smallest amount of this will make any dish taste delicious. However, if you want for making spicy biryanis, curries, paneer recipes, veg curries or meat curries and curries, then 1/2 – 3/4 tsp of this along with an equal proportion of coriander will be well for a 3- to 4-serving dish.

You could also increase the amount of coriander seeds used in this recipe by an additional 1/4 to 1/2 cup and do not add it separately.

Garam Masala: What is the best time to add Garam Masala?

It depends upon the dish you’re making. It is important to follow the recipe directions for the specific dish. In Indian cooking, garam masala is added in one of the two stages of cooking. Sometimes, it’s added twice.

Another option is to add it right after you have finished the cooking. You just sprinkle it in then mix it and shut off the heat. This is usually done for stir fry dishes or in recipes in which garam masala is added twice.

Garam Masala: Spices

Garam Masala Species

Basic Spices of Garam Masala

#1/2 cup coriander seeds (35 grams) (daniya)

#1/4 cup cumin seeds (30 grams) (jeera)

#2 tablespoons of green cardamoms (17 grams) (elaichi)

#2 tablespoons of cloves (12 grams) (laung)

#1 spoon pepper corns (9 10-grams) Kali mirch

#6-8 pieces cinnamon , approx. 2 inches (4 grams) (dalchini)(prefer ceylon cinnamon)

More Spices for Scent Enhancement

#1 tablespoon of seeds of fennel (8 grams) (saunf) (avoids acidity)

#1/2 small nutmeg (2 grams) ( jai phal) (avoids indigestion)

#1 Star anise (chakri phool) (avoids the symptoms of indigestion)

#2 up to four black cardamoms (1 2 grams or less) badi Elaichi (for flavor, consult notes)

#3 mace strands (javitri) (for the flavor)

#4 Medium Dry Bay Leaves (tej patta)

Garam Masala: INSTRUCTIONS to Follow in Its Preparation

When cleaning spices?

  • Cleanse the bay leaf and inside of the cinnamon stick using a damp or dry cloth to remove any dirt or insects.
  • Crack open the nutmeg and look for Worms.
  • Take away the stones and other debris from all the spices.

When roasting spices

  • In a pan, heat and add bay leaf, cardamoms star anise, mace, nutmeg, cinnamon as well as cloves and pepper.
  • Roast them over an oven set to low or medium without burning them until they smell delicious. Transfer them to an oven-safe plate.
  • Add coriander seeds, and roast until they smell delicious. Also, transfer this onto the plate.
  • Add fennel seeds and then roast them for 30 seconds,, then add cumin. Continue roasting until cumin starts to smell delicious.
  • Transfer the dish to the plate, and allow to cool completely.

When blending the spices?

  • Add all the ingredients to the spice blender in a Jar. Make sure to grind them well.
  • Then, you can powder the spices into powder. Repeat the Sieve.
  • Store Garam masala powder in a sun dry airtight glass jar.

When you start making your own Garam Masala, you’ll discover how aromatic homemade  masala tastes. I am sure you won’t look back at the store-bought bottle of garam masala ever again.

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