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Games at Christmas Party – Fun with Family, Friends and Loved Ones

Games at Christmas Party

One of the best thing of Christmas is, the time spent together is the spent with family, friends and loved ones. Create memories and have some friendly competition playing these Games at Christmas Party with all your loved ones. Here is the list of games which are full of fun and enjoyment for everyone.


No. of Player:- 4 and more

Print the form and give it out to everyone in your group.

Everyone fill the form and then give the form back. After that, you can shuffle the forms. distribute them to anyone you want.

If the individual got their own form, that’s fine. Each person should now take the form and read it out loud in their hands.

The winner is determined by the laughs the most or by a judge who is designated.


No. of Player:- 4 and more

Everyone gathers in a circle while one person starts an imaginary holiday tale by uttering one sentence.

Every person who follows them must repeat what the previous player(s) stated and then add their own sentence.

If someone is unable to remember a particular detail when recollecting the entire story and forgets a detail, they’re out.

The story continues to unfold until one player can remember all the details, and thus win the game.


No. of Player:- 4 and more

This classic can be transformed into a game for Christmas by asking players to come up with three Christmas presents.

The two Christmas presents are gifts that the person actually received, and one gift is false.

A participant announces three Christmas gifts in random order. The others then attempt to guess which present is actually a lie.


No. of Player:- 6 and more

Split into groups consisting of three or more. Set cones between 15 and 25 feet from each other for the teams.

The first participant puts the balloon between their knees, and then waddles around like a penguin to down the cone, then back.

Then they give the balloon to their next member of the team so that they can go.

If a team member falls and loses the balloon they need to start over! The team that is the first to complete the relay, will win.


No. of Player:- 4 and more

Make a collection of carols for Christmas on separate flash cards.

Divide participants into groups. One player draws from the deck of cards. They have just one minute to present how to sing the holiday carol.

If the team’s guess is correct, they will earn one point. Be sure to rotate the team’s member.

Teams rotate until they reach twenty points.


No. of Player:- 6 and more

Two teams are formed according to how many players are there.

Put the Christmas stocking for each team at the opposite side in the space.

The team members will then race to the team’s stocking with a candy spoon to deposit the candy, then return to their group.

The relay continues until one team has filled their stockings to win the game.


This classic will never get old.

Invite guests to dress in their most ugly Christmas sweaters – whether you buy it from a shop or make your own work of art or DIY

The person wearing the most tacky, over-the-top outfit is the winner.


No. of Player:- 4 and more

Print out this list of Christmas-related terms to perform.

Divide all participants into teams, then pick one person from each team to perform the role.

Similar to regular charades performers aren’t allowed to speak or use signs of any letters.

Each time a team is able to guess right within the given time they earn one point.

The team that scores 20 points, wins the game.


No. of Player:- 5 and more

The players are split into teams. Choose questions from the list of survey responses for all to take part in.

Each team gets the time they need to record their three predictions on a piece of paper.

The judge then determines the list of guesses they made on the list, as well as the importance in their answer.

The top-ranked poll response will earn 50 points. or 40 points if it’s number, and so on.

After all questions have been answered, the points are then calculated to determine who is the winner.


No. of Player:- 6 and more

Participants should pair off. Attach one person’s right hand to the left hand of their teammate.

The pair will then try to wrap gifts using their hands.

Make a sample gift for anyone to try to replicate — the more difficult it is to make the more fun it will be.

Give a time-limit of 1-3 minutes. Then ask a judge to select the most accurate prize.


No. of Player:- 8 and more

This is a funny and entertaining game in which 2 to 3 people serve as figurative Christmas trees.

Each team will decorate a “tree” using the Christmas decorations that are provided.

Designated judges determine which team has “Human Christmas Tree” the best. A time limit is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

The most joyous part of the holiday season is sharing the joy with our loved ones. The gathering with close friends and family members and making precious memories. Remember to enjoy these Games at Christmas Party and do not let your competitive nature hinder the joy of the occasion!

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