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Full Time Mom – My Reasons to Quit Dream Job to be a Full Time Mom

Yes, that is a big decision for a lady who has a lot of dreams and aspirations.  It’s really a big thing to leave all that behind her career and be a housewife and just a stay at home full time mom for her kid.

But it’s very true “if you lose something good you will surely get something better”.

Reasons to Quit Dream Job to be a Full Time Mom

Here are the reasons why its all fine to accept tag of “full time stay at home mom”:

The Connection Between Me and My Baby is Now or Never

Mother Baby Connection

Mother Baby Connection

Money can be earned anytime. But the bonding between me and my baby is like its now or never. First few years is the right time to build the connection between you and your child. If I miss to build the bond now, I cannot expect my child to listen to me or to share things with me as a friend any time in her life later on.

If I pamper her with all my effort now leaving behind everything else, I can build a trust that, ‘Mama is there when I need her’. That way, I can always expect my child to come to me to share little secret also. Good that, I will never have other worries. It’s always me and my child.

Having Better Foundation for Child’s Development – Both Physical and Mental

Mother Helping Baby to Walk

Mother Helping Baby to Walk

In the first 3 years 80% of a child’s brain development happens. the mother’s warmth and care in essential for a child’s development to be on track it’s also proven. The babies who get the warmth of their mother round the clock have a positive effect in the production of brain cells studies show.

Apart of all this I personally wanted to play an active role in their development that somewhere satisfy me too. It’s my responsibility, no one else’s and i want to carry my responsibility fairly.  Raising a happy and content child is important for a better future. Spending money alone can’t do that. Spending time with them definitely does.

Mother Ensuring Mental Development of Kid

Mother Ensuring Mental Development of Kid

Simply Enjoy Motherhood and This Phase of Life to the Fullest

My baby when she arrives in my arms, has the magical power of putting your world upside down. My world starts revolving around her. She occupies my mind so fully that leaving her at home and being at office means i am simply physically present mentally not there.

Mother Baby Fun Moments

Mother Baby Fun Moments

All things will be moving on mind that she can’t communicate yet, she can’t even convey her needs, etc .In that case i can’t sit peacefully and feel everything will be alright and I can work now”. This would certainly affect the pace, quantity and quality of my work. Finally, I’m doing injustice to both. Obviously, that should not be done. And the job of ‘being a mother’ can never be done as a part time job. So, full time mom makes sense to me.

Mother Baby Enjoying

Mother Baby Enjoying

Never Bother About Others as a Full Time Mom

Some of us feel inferior while leaving job for sake of baby. Actually the truth is we live in a poor society which thinks, if you are an SAHM (Stay at Home mom), you know nothing other than cooking. But why should we care about others. They are not going to give anything or babysit tonight.

The actual crown that’s how my child looks at me.

Mother Baby Fun

Mother Baby Fun as a Full Time Mom

I am the queen and the superwomen in her world. No one has ever given me such a credit.  And It’s totally unfair if we do not give them back what they deserve, an undivided attention.”

All I can say I am doing toughest job on earth as I am responsible for physical, emotional and mental development of another human being.

Being a mother is the highest paid job in the world since the payment is pure love

Mother Feeding Baby

Mother Feeding Baby

Its Never Too Late for a Full Time Mom

Mother Reading Book to Kid

Mother Reading Book to Kid

This is a world of opportunities. Based on skills and knowledge, one can always expect new career and be successful in that.

Till your last breathe any time you can fresh start!!!

Home is Baby’s First School

Mother Teaching Kid

Mother Teaching Kid

All we know mom is the first teacher and home is the first school that really matters ,to inculcate good habits, family values and many more.

None of kids raise by themselves. We need to impart all knowledge to them.

Mother Baby Yoga

Mother Baby Yoga – Full Time Mom

Yeah that’s true! being a SAHM does have its own downside. Financial independence can be lost . Its a feeling like a household machine getting little or no time for yourself. More Often, a voice is coming from inner heart, ‘Does it really worth it?”. But at the end of the day, things always make realize ‘Yes. It does’

Mother Teaching gardening to Her Kids

Mother Teaching gardening to Her Kids

When a baby is born, all that she knows is her mother. She still feels herself as a part of her mom. Her world grows very slow. So, it’s very important to hold her hands at least till the time for a baby to realize that she is an individual being.

As one day for sure she will have her own world.

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