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Fish Treatment for Asthma in Hyderabad – Claimed to Cure Many People

Fish Treatment for asthma in Hyderabad is quite famous all over India. Now, even people from abroad are coming to Hyderabad in hope to get rid from asthma with this in-house remedy of Goud family.

Are you tired of using inhalers and other medicines?? Always live in fear of next asthma attack?? What if i say that you swallow a live fish stuffed with some medicine (the fish medicine) and your asthma will be cured. How does it sound bro?? You might be yelling at me saying not to make a fun of this. Isn’t it?? Well then….. I am not joking friends. Its goddamn truth.

Who are Providing Fish Treatment in Hyderabad

Fish Treatment of Asthma

Fish Treatment of Asthma

They are a bunch of brothers from Bathini Goud family of Hyderabad. They claim that they can cure asthma by administering a fish medicine. These Bathini brothers got this miraculous medicine from their ancestors. Also, They are not doing it for the first time. Their ancestors were doing it and now the chain of administration of medicines is in their hands.

They are very popular across India and people from all around the country come to them. To further elaborate, You can just guess their popularity by this only that during last year distribution, the crowd was so much that a stampede happened and it cost two lives too.

History of Goud family

It is claimed that around 156 years ago, a Saint passed the knowledge of this medicine to one of their ancestor (Mr. Veeranna Goud) keeping a condition that the medicine would be given free of cost only and moreover, formula of ‘the medicine’ should never be exposed to anyone. Mr. Veeranna Goud transferred the knowledge to Mr. Shiva Ram Goud who then transferred it to Mr. Shanker Goud.

Mr. Shanker Goud had five sons who are Mr. Bathini Somalingam, Mr Bathini Shiram Goud, Mr Vishwanath Goud, Mr. Harinath Goud and Mr. Uma Maheshwar Goud. These five sons of Mr. Shanker Goud are known as Bathini brothers. The two elder brothers are no more now.

What is this Fish treatment of Asthma in Hyderabad

Murrel Fish Used for Fish Treatment of Asthma

Murrel Fish Used for Fish Treatment of Asthma

The home made ancestral fish medicine consists of a live murrel fish puffed with the ‘medicine’ in its mouth. This live fish (sizes 2 inches approximately) puffed with the medicine is then slipped into throat of the patient. What then??? He has to swallow it live.

The patient has to continue this medication for three continuous years in addition to a prescribed controlled diet. It is claimed by these Bathini brothers a patient will surely be cured of the asthma then. One more thing, This fish medicine is called as ‘Prasadam’ there.

When and Where They Administer This Fish Treatment

The Goud Brothers give this fish medicine once in year only on ‘Mrigishira Karthi’, which usually coincide with the beginning of the monsoon. They normally distribute fish medicine on 7th/8th June at Nampally Exhibition Grounds situated close to the Hyderabad Railway Station.

Department of Fisheries, Government of Telangana procures and provides the Fish with a cost of Rs five to Rs Fifteen only.

Murrel Fish with Asthma Medicine

Murrel Fish with Asthma Medicine

Peoples Views Fish Treatment in Hyderabad

“We came to know about the ‘prasadam’ through fellow villagers; and came here for my wife. We are hopeful that she will get relief from asthma,” spoke Ranjith Babu of Maharashtra’s Lathur district.

Seventy-year-old Saroja from Mumbai says the ‘prasadam’ has yielded good results for her after she took it for two consecutive years. “My granddaughter has accompanied me here this time,” she adds.

Asthma patients have also come from the States of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Odisha.

“Normal medicines did me no good. On seeing my plight, a relative suggested the fish medicine. I came to the city with my father to give it a shot,” said Lucky Goswami, an accountant from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad.

The fisheries department has made arrangements to supply 50,000 murrels and these have reached the Rajendranagar farm.

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