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Dried Herbs You Must Have in Kitchen – How to Make Them, Their Uses

Our Grandparents are making and using dried herbs in cooking since ages. Here is a list of few dried herbs you must have in your kitchen cupboard and their uses .

Not only fresh but also dried form of herbs have lots of significance in cooking as everywhere we cannot get fresh one. Additionally, it’s very easy to carry too.

How to Make Dried Herbs

These herbs can be prepared at home itself. The preparation procedure is very simple and even a person with limited knowledge and resources can do it.

The steps to make dried herbs are as follows :-

Step 1 – Filter Fresh Leaves

Wash and discard the rotten leaves.

Step 2 – Dry Them

Spread on a mat and allow them to dry under the sun completely. This might take some weeks.

Step 3 – Store Them in Air Tight Environment

Store these Dried Leaves in an airtight container. Do not crush them while storing, as crushing will reduce the flavor and aroma. Crush them just before using in a recipe.

List of Dried Herbs You must have in Your Kitchen

Here are few form of dried Leaves3 and its significance in cooking:

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves – As Dried Herbs

Dried bay leaves are used in cooking due to their unique flavor and aroma. The leaves are frequently used in both sweet and salty recipe. It is used in different cuisines.

It is commonly used while sauté.

Methi Leaves

Methi Leaves

Methi Leaves – As Dried Herbs

It is a Herb with a bitter taste and used in Indian curries. Its strong smell and flavour attract the taste buds! Just wash and pat dry the fenugreek leaves and use it

It is commonly known as kasuri methi, available in shops. It can be used in different cuisine both sweet and sour. All paneer recipe seems incomplete without kasuri methi.

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

When we talk about curry leaves, first picture which comes in mind is South Indian dish. People across South India use these leaves in almost all South Indian dishes and it adds a very distinct flavor and taste. Infact, this is one of the most used Herbs in different kind of south Indian foods.

We can also use it for sauté purpose over dal, dahivada, chutney etc. We can use Curry leaves in both forms i.e. dry and fresh.

Mint Leaves as Dried Herbs

Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

We can use dried and preserved mint leaves in many ways. We can use it to prepare refreshing tea. Also, We can use it in preparing raita or for sprinkling over chilled soup or salad or even curd too. We can also add it in grinder while preparing different chutney just for flavor.

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

We use Dried basil in flavoring pizza sauce along with other dried herbs. It is a great seasoning for salads and pastas. We can also make Herbal tea using basil leaves. Further, We can also use it in in different drinks such as mojito (mock tail).

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