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Coffee – An Ideal Guide to Different Types of Coffee Beans, Coffee Drinks

Coffee is a culture, it runs in our tradition. It is not just a beverage but the set of beliefs and social norms are associated with it.

It is made from roasted coffee beans. Beans are the seeds that come from berries from specific Coffea species. From its fruit they are split to create the stable, unroasted product, which is a green coffee bean. Process involves baking of these green beans which transforms the seeds into roasted beans. Then it is crushed into fine particles, soaked in hot water before filter, an espresso cup of coffee is ready.

Different Types of Coffee Beans

In supermarkets, you’ll generally find two kinds of coffee beans available to purchase: Arabica and Robusta. You might be thinking whether there is a distinction in Arabica and Robusta? There is definitely a difference. Let’s go straight to it.


Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica Beans


It is by far the most well-known kind of coffee by far. Further, many prefer Arabica beans because of its flavor. It is typically used in black coffee. Not only this, Arabica beans have a richer, more complex taste which you can drink straight. Moreover, the funny thing is that, even though it’s most rated, it’s has not the same amount of caffeine like Robusta.


Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta Beans

Although Arabica is most well-known, Robusta is cheaper and more robust. Because of its bitter taste it is common to encounter. In espresso drinks as well as instant coffee mix, we use Robusta. Also, if your Monday morning seems to be not going well, try an espresso drink which contains Robusta beans. Their caffeine content is high and can get you going!

Types of Coffee Drinks

The Latte, Americano, Cappuccino…it’s crazy, the things you can create using just a few beans. If you’re new to coffee or an expert in this field, there are a vast varieties of it to find. Here are a few of most well-known types that are widely used across the world.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Co-ffee

It is as basic. As the name suggests, it consists of ground coffee beans soaked in hot water and served warm. If you’d like to make a statement it is possible to call by its original name cafe noir. Since it’s not made by sugar or milk, the quality of the it is of particular importance.

Latte – Well known Among  All

Latte Coffee


The most well-known beverage in the world of coffee. It consists of espresso shots and steamed milk with a topping of some foam. It is available as a simple drink or with a flavour shot that ranges including vanilla, pumpkin spices etc.


Cappuccino Coffee


It is a type of latte that we make by adding more foam to steaming milk. We usually serve it with a little cinnamon or cocoa powder over the top. There are variations which use cream in place of milk or include flavor shots.


Americano  Coffee


It has a similar taste like black coffee. One can make the americano by an espresso shot mixed with hot water. A tip for creating your own americano, you should pour the espresso first before you put in hot water.


Espresso Coffee


One can enjoy a shot of espresso as a stand-alone drink or serve as the base of many coffee drinks, such as Macchiato (another espresso-based drink has some foam on top) and lattes.

Red Eye

Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye

The name comes from those nagging late-night flights. Red eye flights can be the perfect remedy for a grumpy morning. An entire cup of hot coffee and espresso shots added is sure to stimulate your blood circulation.

Mocha – Chocolaty Beverage

Mocha Coffee


For all the chocolate lovers who are out there, you’ll fall in love with mocha (or perhaps it’s already in your fridge). Mocha is a chocolaty espresso drink made with steaming milk as well as foam.

“You can’t have a decent food culture without a decent coffee culture: the two things grow up together.”
Adam Gopnik

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