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Christmas Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids – Fun and Entertainment

Christmas Riddles for Kids

Christmas riddles and brain teasers for kids activity will make you, your friends, family and children to use their brain, try and solve. The Christmas season is about being with people we cherish and having fun with them. Singing carols, opening gifts as well as eating dinner are common Christmas traditions However, a fantastic method to create a sense of joy to your holiday is to discuss funny Christmas stories and riddles with each other.

#No.1 Riddle for Kids

Christmas Tree1




I am tall and high

little bold and shy

please me with decoration

bring me for the celebration.

Ans – Christmas Tree

#No.2 Christmas Riddle for Kids

Santa Claus

His name ends with Claus

sing the carol without a pause

welcome him with coke and Fanta

kids are waiting for their Santa

Ans – Santa Claus

#No.3 Riddle for Kids

Christmas Cake

I am delicious its not fake

buy me, cook me or you bake

share me with your friends

happiness that never ends

Ans – Cake

#No.4  Riddle for Kids



Sparkling twinkling I am too far

my beauty is not at par

I am not square m not round

seek me get me if you found

Ans – Star


#No.5 Christmas Riddle for Kids



I fall off the sky much more stunning than rain.

There’s no two pieces of art that appear the same.

Ans – Snow

#No.6 Riddle for Kids

Christmas Lights


I am a color with lots of shades, so gorgeous and bright.

I turn a variety of homes into an amazing sight.

Ans – Christmas Lights


#No.7 Christmas Riddle for Kids

Christmas Stockings


Seems I reside on your toes but

I’m hanging up for gifts, everyone knows.

       Ans – Christmas Stockings


Riddles are beneficial for many reasons such as they improve thinking skills, improves the ability to read which helps in improving vocabulary too.

These Christmas Riddles for Kids are full of Fun and often humorous to keep children entertained.

Hope you like and enjoy, wish you a Happy Christmas!

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