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Why Brothel Soil is Used for Making Maa Durga Idol | Punya Mati Mystery

Do you know ‘Brothel Soil’ is an integral part of Punya Mati by which Maa Durga idol is made. This post will explain the mystery behind it.

Maa Durga Idol

Maa Durga Idol

India is a country where all religions and their rituals find their places and are celebrated with the same energy and joy. The traditions, customs and rituals are followed holistically no matter how difficult it is or how awkward it sounds. Some of them have their logics and explanations while some are only followed as they are being traditionally followed from an old time.

Maa Durga Pandaal

Maa Durga Pandaal

There are many practices and customs followed in Maa Durga Idol and puja too. Among them, a very famous yet mysterious practice still in use is “Use of soil from brothel to prepare Maa Durga Idol” specially in Kolkata on grand festival of Durga Puja (Dussehra). Entire North and West India celebrate the nine days prior to Dusshera as Navratri and in East the festival is celebrated as Durga Puja.

Maa Durga Idol being Prepared

Maa Durga Idols being PreparedEvery year when Durga Puja is about to start, a certain Kumortuli (Kumortuli is a traditional potters quarters) experts in Kolkata are indulged into passion. Kumortuli is the hub of artisans in North Kolkata. They supply the idols to most of the pujas . Making the Maa Durga Idol, and also Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati as well as Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya is an incredible art in itself.

Composition of Punya Mati for making Maa Durga Idol

Preparation of Punya Mati

Preparation of Punya MatiTo make the entire puja to be auspicious, the idols need to be created with the right mixture of Punya mati or blessed soil. The mixture consists of mud from the banks of Ganges, cow dung, cow urine and a handful of soil from the Nishiddho pallis (forbidden territories).

Explanation for Using Soil from Brothel for Making Maa Durga Idol

One thing which suddenly strikes is why and how the soil from Nishiddho pallis (forbidden territories) are considered as blessed soil ?

Maa Durga Idol in Progress

Maa Durga Idols in ProgressSumming up different opinions, versions, perceptions or beliefs, scrutinizing them all, we came to some of the best explanations that seems to answer the query behind usage of Brothel Soil in Punya Mati for Making Maa Durga Idol. Here are few possible explanations for using the soil from Nishiddho pallis (forbidden territories):

Purest Form of Soil

Brothel Area

Brothel Area

It is said that when anyone enters a brothel, he/she leaves his holiness and his purity behind. That is why, all purity lies in the soil present outside the house. The soil is therefore the purest form, it is used in the making of Maa Durga Idol.

Essence of Power

Mahisasur Vadh

Mahisasur VadhSome Hindu priests believes that Mahishasur tried to malign Maa Durga diginity and attempted to molest her. Maa Durga used all her power and rage to destroy Mahishasur, who looked down upon women. Due to this reason, it is believed that the selection of soil from a brothel house for making Maa Durga Idol should be treated as a respect to those women, who have been demoralized and dishonored by society.

Removal of the Sins

Priest Enchanting Mantras

Priest Enchanting MantrasAccording to believers, the path ‘Sex Workers’ have chosen is a sin in itself. To purge their sin and purify them, the priests go to their place and beg for the soil of their land. While accepting the soil from them, the priests enchant some mantras to purifiy and unburden their souls.

God For all

Durga Puja Celebration

Durga Puja CelebrationUsually this section of society (Sex Workers) is totally outcast. They have to face lots of humiliation and disrespect. Even though the path they have chosen are treated as a sin, yet we all are creature of the same God. So the occasion is equal and auspicious for everyone. Therefore, the use of soil from their house (brothel) for making Maa Durga Idol during this festival is also a way to welcome them too in Durga puja/ pandals, unlike rest of the year.

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