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Best Time to Transition to Toddler Bed – How to Make It Smoothly

Are you unsure whether it’s time to put the crib down in the nursery? Here’s what parents must be aware of when making the transition to a toddler’s bed.

Toddler in crib

If your child is in love with their crib or yanks to get out the moment they do, they’ll eventually move to a more formal sleeping arrangement for big kids. When should you make the transition into a toddler bed and how do be sure that it goes easily and safely? Here are some advice from experts.

How to Change to a Toddler’s Bed

Toddlers Bed

Certain developmental milestones in early childhood, such as the potty training and transition from the crib to bed may not necessarily happen by itself. In general parents should do the transition before their child climbs out of their crib and hurt themselves.

The majority of toddlers are able to climb over the crib rails when they’re 35 inches tall and 18 to 24 months old. Of course, there are some infants who are particularly agile and try to get out earlier (at the point when they need to be placed in the bed). However, less agile kinds will never attempt to get out of the crib at all.

If your toddler is happy in their crib but not climbing, then it’s okay to let them stay in the crib beyond the age of 2 as in the sense that you’re mindful of their safety. However, the longer your baby is in their crib, the more emotionally connected they’ll become and the more difficult it will be to make the transition from a crib to a bed for toddlers.

What if You Need the Crib for New Baby?

New Baby in Crib

Another aspect that can affect the toddler’s “transition to mattress” time of arrival of sibling. Be extra careful at the time of this enormous change.

1.Begin the transition from one to two months before the baby is expected to arrive.

2.Once the child is comfortable in their new bed they’ll see their crib space as neutral, not as their place to sleep.

3.If possible, take down the crib, or put it away in a space that is hidden.

4.Make the crib that is “unsleepable” by filling with toys, stuffed animals, and blankets.

One should avoid making the change when the child is in the midst of learning something new. Learning like use toilet or pacifier-free or is adjusting to a new arrangement for child care.

Making the Transition from the Toddler Bed

Before you make the transition to a larger-kids’ bed, it is important make a plan for the transition. Utilize these tips and techniques to ensure your child is happy.

Toddler's bed

1.Select the ideal toddler bed for your toddler.

2.Install a removable guardrail on twin beds to stop your child from falling out.

3.Ask your child to choose their bedding.

4.Allow your child to choose kid-friendly sheets and pillowcases, as well as comforters and toys. This will make the big-kid bed appear more appealing.

Set a Bedtime Routine

Toddler Bedtime Routine

Establish a predictable bedtime routine. The routine should include reading a book, discussing about the day your child had or praying. This should make your child look eagerly at bedtime. Moreover, a regular bedtime routine should aid a child to have a genuine feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Make Your Home Child-Proofed

Child Proofed Home

Conduct a safety check of each room that your child is able to access. Secure the staircase by installing gates at the top and bottom. attach TVs and bookshelves to the wall. You can also place lock-type safety latches on drawers of the dresser to ensure they don’t get them open and use them for climbing.

Don’t expect Easy Transition from Toddler Bed

Toddler Crying on Bed

Your child could cry and demand their crib. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to take about a month or two to get them used to their new bed. Their newfound freedom could cause them to go on a lot of trips. Be sure to calmly return them back to their bed and then leave the room as soon as possible.

As there’s a good chance that they’re not quite ready for the size of a bed so it’s a good idea to hold onto the crib. It’s possible to return temporarily in the event of a need is not a big deal. As toddlers grow, they’ll change and could be ready in a one or two months for toddler bed. Be patient and don’t rush this vital shift.

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