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Best Apps For Sleep Music – Get A Relax and Peaceful Sleep

According to theory, falling asleep should not be the most difficult task that our bodies must accomplish every day. What’s the problem? It’s not always easy. In fact, many people are having trouble sleeping, waking up frequently, or experiencing severe insomnia. Some people resort to taking sleep aids such as supplements to get a night’s sleep. But there is a better option that is Apps For Sleep Music.

Sleep Music

These apps may feature a variety of background sounds, music compositions, and nightly meditation exercises. They are designed to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

We’ve selected the top sleep music apps to help you sleep better.

The Best Apps For Sleep Music in 2022

Slumber: The Best Overall App For Sleep Music



Slumber is one of the most popular and highly-rated apps for sleeping. It uses a variety of audio relaxation techniques, including music, nature sounds, and breath control.

We Like About It

  • These instructions were developed by sleep experts
  • There are many ways to sleep.
  • Music can be customized

We Don’t Like About It

  • Only a limited selection available in the free version

Relax Melodies: The Best Free Version

Relax Melodies

Create custom sleep tracks with this user-friendly app. You can also pair guided meditations and your ideal sleep mix.

We Like About It

  • Fully customizable
  • A rich library of sounds

We Don’t Like About It

  • There are not as many melodies as there are sounds.

Headspace: The Best Meditation & Music Hybrid


Headspace is a perfect combination of mindfulness and sleeps aid. It allows you to switch between relaxation and meditation depending on your need. It monitors your mental health throughout the day and helps you get good sleep at night.

We Like About It

  • It is simple to use
  • Immersive experience
  • A holistic approach to sleeping wellness

We Don’t Like About It

  • To get the most sleep, you have to spend money

Pzizz: The Best Choice App For Sleep Music


Pzizz uses a science-backed psychoacoustic method to help you fall asleep. It also has an algorithm that adjusts to make your experience even more enjoyable.

We Like About It

  • There are many voices to choose from
  • Personalization algorithm
  • Timer custom
  • Use offline

We Don’t Like About It

  • You can’t change your sleep music
  • It can be difficult to navigate

The Sleepiest: The Best Music Apps For Kid’s Sleep

The Sleepiest

Sleepiest aims to make bedtime more enjoyable for children through bedtime stories, white noise, and soothing music.

We Like About It

  • This book gives kids the tools they need to develop good sleeping hygiene.
  • It is easy for them to navigate

We Don’t Like About It

  • You must have a device in the room of your child.
  • Expensive

Author’s Point:

Experts created Slumber with the sole purpose to help you fall asleep using a variety of scientifically proven methods. You can customize the program to suit your needs and pick the one that suits you best. The free version offers a few options for those who have mild sleep problems. However, those who want to explore the world of sleep wellness and corrective techniques need to upgrade to the pro version. Pzizz or Headspace offer premade programs that have been tested and approved by their community.

How Select the Best Apps For Sleep Music

These are the top points to consider while selecting sleep music apps.

  • The combination of music, narration, and background effects, allows the user to personalize.
  • Interfaces with simple to use, make navigation easy, and functionality options such as timers.
  • You should also consider pricing and subscription models.
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