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Best 7 Educational Cartoon Shows for Toddlers – Fun and Learn

Normally, not every cartoons are not suitable for child. However, educational cartoon(s) are very beneficial for all curious and sponge-brained kids. Moreover, kids can gain a lot through these shows. If you’re in search of excellent educative programs that will help your child then this list is perfect for you!

Best 7 Educational Cartoon Shows for Toddlers

1. Sesame Street – Best Educational Cartoon

Sesame Street

This is a must-see to watch on PBS. It’s been a popular choice for parents for a long time (it’s been on the air for over a decade!). Children love it due to the cute characters and catchy songs. The song of counting and the songs that feature letters of the day will get children dancing. The shows also cover issues like kindness and sharing. Ideal for children of all ages. And a majority of parents love watching it too!

2. Dinosaur Train 

Dinosaur Train

It is an PBS show that centers on the Pteranodon family and their four children. Episodes follow the Pteranodon family when they take the Dinosaur Train to meet many different kinds of dinosaurs. Children will learn about the dinosaurs. Where they lived in, what time period they were in, their diet and their unique features. The paleontologist will also provide fascinating information and facts on the dinosaur on display in every episode. It’s a lot of fun and imaginative and vibrant, bright colours.

3. Word Party – Knowledgeable Cartoon

Word Party

This is a Netflix show that has short, sweet episodes. The show designed towards helping children to expand their vocabulary. Every episode is a collection of baby animals wearing diapers which are exploring new vocabulary. They usually include the viewers which they refer to as “big kids” and ask to help them learn about the words they are learning, their meanings and how to use the words. It’s a really cute show, and the toddlers love it!

4. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Remember Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? This is an PBS spin-off series of the iconic show. The shows revolve about a young, tiger called Daniel. The viewers follow along him. Daniel acquires life lessons in his community school bakery, doctor’s office and music shop. The neighborhood residents ride on the trolley and have a chat with one another. Each episode is focused on a particular challenge youngsters face. From emotions and feelings to sharing and showing kindness to others. The show is all about it and teaches each lesson in an engaging song. Your child will soon begin singing these songs each day, so get ready!

5. Ask the Storybots

Ask the Storybots

Storybots is a Netflix show that is based on an educational app that is a huge hit. The show follows hilarious (and humorous) small robots. These robots reside “beneath” of the television screen, and are able to answer questions asked by curious children. They answer questions such as “Why does the sky look blue?” But they don’t simply respond by using words. Rather, they reply with imaginative and catchy tunes that kids everywhere will want to stand up and dance to. It’s a great show!

6. Super Why – Award Wining Cartoon

Super Why

Another award-winning show that can be seen on PBS! This show teaches children their alphabets and literacy skills. Each story, characters face problems they need to overcome. They then go into a well-known fable, or fairy tales that help to solve the real-world issue. As they travel, they discover new words, learn how to utilize phrases, as well as sing entertaining songs.

7. Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Sid is a preschooler who loves to ask questions and discover his surroundings. The show shows him and his friends how they discover new ideas. Their teacher is encouraging students to seek out answers and study their surroundings. This show is all about exploring science and technology in the everyday life. By watching this show, the kids will love to explore their surroundings. The show is available on PBS.

We hope that you’ll be in a position to find a great educational show that your child enjoys in this selection. We are grateful enough for the technologies that we have PBS and Netflix aren’t we, moms?

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