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Best 11 Math Riddles for Kids – Don’t Miss to Solve It

Math Riddles1

Math Riddles for kids are the best way to engage in some creative work, it will help to think logically, critically, and analytically.

Riddle1: If 2 is the company and 3 is the boss what 4 and 5?

Answer: Nine!

Riddle2: Once a plane crashed, every single person died then who was alive?

Answer: All of the couples.

Riddle3: There is a word of 6 letters, if you take out 1 letter still 12 remain. What is it?

Answer: Dozens.

Riddle4: The more you take it the more you leave it. What I am?

Answer: Footsteps.

Riddle5: It only goes up but never comes down.

Answer: Your age.

Riddle6: How many letters are in the English alphabet?

Answer: Three letters in “the,” seven letters in “English,” and eight letters in “alphabet.”

Riddle7: There is an odd number, if you take away one letter it becomes even. What is that number?

Answer: Seven.

Riddle8: I have a head, a tail but no hands no legs.

Answer: A Coin.

Riddle9: It comes once in a lifetime, twice in one moment but never in hundred years.

Answer: The letter “M.”

Riddle10: Which is the month has 28 days in the year.

Answer: Every month of the year have at least 28 days.

Riddle11: When I add six to 12, I get six again. How?

Answer: 12 p.m., six hours later, is 6 p.m.


What is Math Riddle?

Math Riddles are not like other riddles but consist of recreational mathematics. Here, the player has to find the solution based upon the given conditions.

What is the Purpose and Importance of Math Riddles?

The purpose and importance of math riddles are listed below:

  • Math riddles help to improve numerical and analytical skills.
  • Sometimes it seems absurd or odd, but it is challenging for player.
  • These riddles are frame of a mathematical subject.
  • In order to solve it, player has to use critical and analytical skill as well.

What are the Benefits of Math Riddles?

Math riddles help Kids in following ways:

  • Enhance concentration and comprehension.
  • Develop ability to read between lines, think and comprehend.
  • Get an ability to decipher text which is different from literacy.

Why Riddles are Good for the Brain?

  • It sharpens your logic and reasoning.
  • Riddles are like exercise of brain.
  • Crossword puzzles, riddles, word searches and logic problems, all activate different parts of brain.
  • It helps to hone critical and analytical thinking skills.

How do Riddles Benefit Socially?

  • Riddles improve children’s comprehension and creativity.
  • Kids will start to learn new words and new ways to use them, subliminally learning rhythm and rhyming.
  • Riddles help us to connect with each other.
  • When we involve in solving riddles together, we work as a team.
  • Riddles are best way to celebrate any occasion together.

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