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Beauty is Pain – Painful Things Female Do Regularly to Look Gorgeous

‘Beauty is Pain’. Is it true?? We will try to understand it with some examples of painful things which female do regularly to look gorgeous.

To start looking prettier, healthier and sexier, some effort and of course some pain need to be tolerated. There are many fashion trends that are painful and yet we all women do it to look more gorgeous. They have become a part of our normal life.

Painful Things Female Do Regularly to Look Gorgeous

‘Beauty is Pain’ the line reveals much more about the beauty.Yeah beautiful and gorgeous look is quite painful and women find pleasure in pain. Here is a list of few of the beauty practices which are painful and yet it is done in  regular lives:

Waxing & Threading

Good looking eyebrows and hair free skin are an important contribution to appearance and overall beauty.

Pain in Waxing and Threading

Pain in Waxing and Threading

But yes waxing threading are painful and is likely to cause irritation and/or ingrown hairs. It may involve use of harmful chemicals which can cause skin irritation or skin problem too.


Piercings is a part of tradition in India. Each men and girls have been piercing their ears and noses for years now. But, this tradition has now currently become a style statement. it is the ‘sexy’ factor to try and do if you would like to seem fashionable., totally different and attractive.

Pain in Piercing

Pain in Piercing

“Mostly the trend has very caught on amongst teenagers. They suppose it suits their persona. It gives stylish and a cool look.” Other body parts the eyebrows/tongue/lips/upper lip, chest, navel, nails, and arms that are also being punctured in the name of fashion.”

To be frank, it hurts. On a scale of 1 to 10 , take it as 4. But not to worry. The modern ways of piercing are far better than traditional one.


Pain with Stilettos

Pain with Stilettos

Though it pains quite significantly in the foot-ball, back ,hip-joints (and many more) , yet there are a number of reasons why girls still enjoy wearing heels. Some feel more confident or the attention while wearing heels. some enjoy sexy and erotic look with their slender appearance.

Skin Tight Outfits

Outfits always plays important role when we discuss about fashion trends.

Pain in Wearing Skin Tights

Pain in Wearing Skin Tights

And no doubt tight fitted attire are all time favorite topic to gossip about. It is always preferable to put on skin tight dress to appear lean, young and of course beautiful. Without thinking about how our body is getting hurt, we start thinking and being over conscious about our appearance.

Stunning look with stylish outfits and latest designs always been catchy, even though we have to compress ourselves.

Colorful Contact Lenses

Colorful Contact Lenses

Colorful Contact Lenses

Use of contact lenses is way opt to correct vision but now it is preferable to bring a change in appearance too. But whatever the reason the precaution must be taken, its very important lenses are safe comfortable and suits your eyes.

Latest fashion trends involves use of cosmetic or decorative contact lenses that can make change in eye like animals, vampires or other characters.

Costume contact lenses can cause injuries, may require some eye surgeries which can be serious and in some case can lead to completely vision loss.


FASHION has no limit. It is not up to clothes, shoes and hair body piercing but tattoos as well. Tattoos have become a huge trend over the years.



It was initially assigned affiliations to certain groups, gangs and societies. In some cultures tattoos were and are still used for adornment purposes, as accessories.

Tattoos are favored for making a fashion statement. If you want to express your own unique and individual style any form of body art or modification achieve that. Tattoos have been proved to be healing and help to improve the body appearance and boost confidence.

While going for tattoos an individual can imagine the pain how a specifically tattoo designing tool pricked throughout body skin, it at approx 10 to 15 needle in a second. It should be quick enough to pierce without tearing.

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