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Amazing & Interesting Facts about Newborn Babies that You Don’t Know

Everyone adore Newborn Babies. They are amazing. But there’s something more to them. Here is a list of few interesting facts about Newborn Babies that you must know.

Amazing Facts about Newborn Babies

The term “infant” is from the Latin infants, meaning “unable to speak” and usually refers to the ages from 1-12 months and a “newborn” typically refers to an infant in the first 28 days of life.

Here are some amazing and interesting facts about new born or so called “infants”:

Inside the Womb

Baby with Moustache

Baby with Mustache – Just an Illustration

  • Inside the womb, babies grow mustaches.
  • Babies inside womb live in a complete liquid environment and had no contact with air.
  • They can remember what they tasted inside the womb and had a very good chance of being attracted towards the same flavor also.
  • Babies start urinating inside the womb just a few months after conception.

From Birth till Few Days of Newborn Babies

Newborn Crying

Newborn Crying

  • At the time of birth baby breathes for the first time, its lungs stretch out and dilate to fill up with air in one single movement which hurts and so baby cries out.
  • Babies are born with very sophisticated hearing which can work out just 10 minutes after birth.
  • In addition to tongue, babies have taste buds on the roof,  back and sides of mouth when they are born.
  • A newborn baby’s head records around 25% of his/her total weight.
  • A newly born baby’s eyes are 75% their adult size.
  • A newborn baby’s heart beats 130 to 160 times per minute which is just double the heart rate of a normal adult.
  • Newborns can only able to notice 8 to 10 inches from their face.
  • When baby is born the human brain grows too quickly to reach 60 percent of its adult size by baby’s first birthday.

After Some Days to Few months of Newborn Babies

Newborn Sleeping

Newborn Trying to Sleep

  • A newborn usually sleeps up to 16 to 17 hours a day for the first few weeks of life.
  • Babies have 300 bones when they are born and later bones fuse in less bones like adults.
  • Newborn first smile comes in-between one to one and half months after birth.
  • The soft spot on a baby’s head bulges and pulsates.
  • Babies are born with usual swimming abilities and can hold their breath but it will be disappeared quickly.
  • In the first three to four months of life all hair of newborns with which they are born with will fall down.
  • A newborn intestines are about 11 feet long and length will double when grows to adulthood.
  • Babies cannot know taste of salt till they are 4 months old.
  • During first five months of life, babies double in weight.

Other Common facts about Newborn Babies

Newborn Smiling

Newborn Smiling

  • Newborns don’t cry tears.
  • May month born babies usually have more weight.
  • Normally babies prefer female voices.
  • Babies’ eyes stay open while sleeping sometime.
  • Babies don’t have boney Kneecaps.
  • Newborns mostly turn their head in the right side.
  • Babies can inhale and swallow both at the same time.
A Mother Feeding Newborn

A Mother Feeding Newborn

  • Research prove that a baby knows and can give positive response to smell of its mother’s breasts.
  • Babies have superhuman strength.
  • Baby girl do get their period and lactate a bit too.
  • Among all creatures human babies are the only one who can smile at their parents.
  • Newborns are the one who derives meaning of shaking head to mean “no” as they do while turning their head when they are no more hungry.
  • Comparatively, boy babies are somewhat heavier than girl.
  • Babies won’t remember the majority of the first three years of their life.
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