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7 Parenting Advice – Sudha Murthy’s Epitome Parenting Advice for Parents

Sudha Murthy was born in 1950 and is the wife of N. R. Narayana Murthy, who co-founded Infosys. She is an engineer, social worker, and recipient of one of the most prestigious civilian awards in India, the Padma Shri. She is also a philanthropist.

Sudha Murthy

Her parenting advice is adored by new-age parents who want to instill tradition but also want their children to embrace the modern lifestyle. It is a blend of both modern and traditional approaches.

Sudha Murthy’s book is a great reference for today’s generation. She is a great source of information, whether it’s parenting advice or anecdotes. Moreover, her way of explaining how to solve a problem is really unique.

We all can see glimpses into our lives through her stories. In fact her narration builds a strong connection.

Here are few key parenting advice from Sudha Murthy (as referred from The Times of India Newsgroup Interview) for all new age parents:

1. Give Space


Give Space to children1

As in all relationships, children and parents should respect each other’s space. According to her, there should be no clashing of ideas or friction between the generations. By giving them space, they will be able to reflect on their choices, their likes, and their dislikes . She said that if your child doesn’t like certain foods, let them eat their choices for a while. Let them have what they like, don’t force them to eat or not. Let them choose when and how they like to eat.

2. Set examples – Great Parenting Advice

Set examples to children

Don’t force your child to do certain things. Don’t force your child to follow instructions. Set an example for them. Murthy mentioned in one of her blogs that it is important to set an example and encourage children to adopt it as a daily habit. Children learn from their parents like sponges. She says that your child should not be taught a bad habit.

You must also make sure your child is reading a book at night if you want them to be able to study.

Children don’t need heroes from outside their home. They learn a lot from parents. They do not need to be the ones doing the heroic work. She said that children don’t do what their parents tell them, but they do what their parents do.

3. Live simple 

Live Simple Life

Simple living is the best way to live life. Murthy, who is renowned for her simplicity and brilliant thinking, always encourages parents to do the same when parenting. She is a believer in simple living, regardless of what it is about food, attire, or home decoration.

4. Introduce Formula of Sharing to children


Here’s one of her most famous anecdotes, where she discusses organizing a birthday party to her son. She suggested that instead of spending 50,000 rupees on a birthday party, her son should host a small one and give rest of money to the driver’s children for education. Initially her son refused. “But after three days, he finally agreed to host a small party.

It is essential to teach children the value of kindness, generosity, and love. Indirectly, this teaches equality and inclusion.

5. Don’t Focus on Your Kids only

Parents Example For Kid

Parenting requires a lot of attention. However, if you place the primary focus on the child, it will hinder the child’s ability to see his or her own strengths. Your child shouldn’t be forced to do everything, such as swimming, piano, elocution and cricket. Allow them to think, ponder, and have fun, then let them grow at their own pace. If you want your children to read, lead by example. Turn off your phone or TV and get down to reading. She told a journalist that children learn more from their example than sermons.”

6. Let Them Make Small Decisions – Best Parenting Advice

Children take Small Decisions

Sudha Murthy asked parents to include their children in decision-making conversations. She asked parents to assist their children with small decisions.

Children will benefit from being able to make small decisions. This will help them to understand the situation and expose them to the pros and cons.

Give your child options so they can make their own decision. 

7. Significance of Savings – Parenting Advice

Child Saving

Children will have to make many financial decisions throughout their life. As a parent its our responsibility, to prepare them for it. Moreover, strong financial habits from an early age will make your child ready for better adulthood 

Help children to understand the difference between wants and needs. Discuss with your child what they really need and how much they can save. It is important for children to understand that sometimes, we need to save money to get the things we want.


Parenting Advice not only benefit children but also parents. It helps Parents in learning how to deal with children’s challenges. Also, it helps children to be a better person by coping up with their own challenges. 


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