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7 Best Ways How To Save Water At Home – Water Saving Tips

Are you looking to save the environment? It is possible to take tiny steps to save water at home and make a difference.

Save Water

A lot of us are taking action to protect the planet, but a few facts will leave you stunned. It concerns the use of water in the world. What efforts are we making to reduce and save the usage of water?

Just think about the importance of water in our daily lives. All the way from drinking to cooking, cleaning vessels to watering plants there are a lot of other uses of water. All around us including industry, agriculture as well as health care, what we can do to protect it. For that some simple adjustments we can implement at home to conserve water. Moreover, these actions will also reduce our water costs. Think about these water-saving tips in our kitchen, bathroom, and the yard, as well as everywhere around your home:

1. Tapping – To Save Water


Shut off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth, or shaving. During morning routines like brushing teeth, face washing, or shaving we should not keep open the tap. In addition, we should teach our children to do so.

2. Scrub It Up 

Scrub Dishes

Instead of running the dishwasher every time, ensure that it is completely full. In fact, it is advisable to wash dishes by yourself (if it is not many) and also makes sure don’t let the water flow while washing.

3. Wash Fruits and Veggies

Wash Fruits

When you wash fruits and vegetables at the sink, save water that is left in the basin instead of flowing it into the drain. This can be used to water outdoor or indoor plants.

4. Concrete Tank or Barrel Up – Save Water


Make use of concrete tanks or rain barrels to collect rainwater to water your lawn or wash your car. These are storage are really very useful to collect rainwater during the rainy season. We can also use stored rainwater for other clean ships.

5. Show the Loo Some Love

Low Sinks

While using washrooms, try minimum use of flush or install low-flow sinks and toilets whenever it is possible.

6. Use of Washing Machine

Use of Washing Machine

We all know while doing laundry, the washing machine consumes a lot of water during the entire process. Soaking, rinsing then washing. For that, we need to minimize the frequent use of washing machines. It is advisable to wash clothes on your own (it is not much).

7. RO Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Every home is equipped with RO Water Purifier for drinking water. What it actually does,  filters normal tap water and make it ready to use for drinking. During the filter process, it wastes around 3 buckets of tap water to give 1 bucket of fresh drinking water. Those 3 buckets of water we can store somewhere to use for some other purpose (cleaning, washing, irrigation, etc).

Author’s Point: Spread the Word – To Save Water

Sometimes word of mouth works wonders. We can be a volunteer in our community. Among friends, family, or social networks, discuss the importance of water and its availability.


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