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40 Simple Joys in Life – Simple Things of Life Which Make You Happy

Life can be heavy or overwhelming in certain instances. It requires a conscious effort to take a step back and look at the good around us. Additionally, it is equally important to notice the simple joys in life which make you happy. Once you realize it, it will become very easy to find happiness all around.

Simple Joys in Life

While the news continues to be filled with every sad report and the possibility of anything that went wrong, it is possible to be more balanced by looking at the positive and establishing your own gratitude routine.

40 Simple Joys in Life

This is a list of the simplest moments in life that bring smiles. Maybe some are the same for me as well. Or perhaps some of them will spark ideas of your own.

  1. Sound of bird chirping
  2. Seeing my balcony garden flower Blooming
  3. Sunshine from window
  4. Evening ginger tea
  5. My daughter’s cute talks
  6. Helping someone unexpectedly
  7. Carrying on your favorite childhood traditions with your kids
  8. Sleeping kids face
  9. Seeing childhood pics
  10. Colorful Butterflies moving around
  11. Sound of rain hitting the roof
  12. Seeing a beautiful sunset
  13. Receiving a compliment
  14. The smell right after it rains
  15. A smile from a stranger
  16. Seeing Mountain ranges
  17. Laughing until you cry
  18. A freshly made bed
  19. Filling up a shopping cart
  20. Sitting and seeing waves crashing
  21. A lyrics or smell that brings back good memories
  22. A surprise gifts
  23. Looking at moon
  24. Enjoying a water view
  25. A nature walks
  26. The smell of freshly baked cookies
  27. A soft & cozy blanket
  28. Seeing a tree loaded with fruits
  29. A good night of sleep
  30. Trying a new recipe that turns out perfect.
  31. Bonfire in chilling winter
  32. A moonlight picnics
  33. The smell of clean laundry
  34. Finding a lost item
  35. Hitting a pinata
  36. Mist drops from leaves
  37. Bursting the bubble wrap
  38. Viewing a rainbow in the sky
  39. Hot shower
  40. When husband cares

Author’s Point:

We did a small survey with comfortable sample size and the above points stand out. Our special Thanks to Deepika, Archana, Aditi, Priyamvada, and others who put out extra efforts to make this survey successful. I would love to know what gives you happiness too. Comment down below and let us know your opinions. The best entries will be published here.

The practice of gratitude is as easy as jotting down things that make you happy and makes you smile.


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Vedanti is a Journalist by Profession and likes to share her experience with mass. She is a keen Environmentalist with 10+ years of experience.

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